Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 177

Lin Yu was really dumbfounded.
What is Jiang Ning talking about?
What free advertising can’t be wasted?
Lin Qiang is now in front of the people in Donghai City, desperately slandering Lin Wen and splashing dirty water on him. This is not an advertisement.
“I know.”
There is no need for Jiang Ning to say too much. Lin Yu really got to his lips without saying, she is used to believing in Jiang Ning.
Since Jiang Ning is not worried, there must be no problem.
Lin Wen is his father, but Jiang Ning will also defend him and will not let others ruin him like this.
Put down the phone.
Lin Yuzhen walked to Lin Wen and gently grasped Lin Wen’s trembling hand: “Dad, don’t worry, Jiang Ning will handle it.”
Lin Wen turned to look at Lin Yuzhen, and Su Mei also looked at her.
At this time, hearing the name Jiang Ning, the family felt relieved inexplicably.
It seems that nothing has ever been able to stump Jiang Ning, and no one has ever truly hurt his family in front of Jiang Ning.
“Husband, there will be no problem with Jiangning.”
Su Mei took a deep breath, and also chose to trust Jiang Ning, “He will definitely make Lin Qiang pay the price!”
Lin Wen nodded.
He didn’t know what else could be done in this situation. This is a live broadcast on the TV network!
Almost the people in Donghai City would know these things, even if they were fake, he couldn’t cleanse them when he jumped into the Yellow River.
The family settled down a bit, but still a little nervous and worried.
At this moment, Lin Qiang fully used his talent as an actor. Before the live broadcast, he was crying and accused Lin Wen of seizing the Lin family property, persecuting his brothers, and even causing his biological father to have a stroke, almost tragic death!
He is on TV, not to take home the property, just to get justice, just to let everyone see Lin Wen’s true face, and don’t be fooled by Lin Wen again!
Looking at Lin Qiang’s miserable appearance, looking at Lin Xiao who was sitting in a wheelchair with a dull expression, who else would doubt?
In front of the TV and in front of the Internet media, many people couldn’t help but yell at them.
“The heart is too dark!”
“Even my own brothers are persecuted? For the sake of money, this Lin Wen is really cruel!”
“Beast! It’s not as good as a pig or a dog. My father has had a stroke. There is no bottom line!”
Many people cursed, and some even called the show to comfort Lin Qiang and express their sympathy.
This is what Lin Qiang wants!
“Another enthusiastic audience called, let us connect.”
The host sighed, his eyes matched Lin Qiang, and he saw the other’s pride. This feeling of being in control was really wonderful.
“Mr. Lin, don’t be sad. Lin Wen’s kind of beasts are not as good as pigs and dogs. Sooner or later there will be retribution! I will never buy their Lin’s products again, support you!”
“This kind of person can still continue to open a company? Keep your eyes open, bosses, don’t cooperate with this kind of person, lest you will be killed one day!”
“Boycott Lin Wen! Boycott the Lin Group!”
The phone calls came one by one, but Lin Wen couldn’t argue.
These grievances, these angers, the Lin Group suddenly became the target of public criticism, as if they had done something maddening and complaining to those who watched the excitement.
“Damn it, this Lin Qiang can really act!”
Brother Dog can’t stand it anymore, “Big Brother, I sneak in and kill him!”
He was very angry when he heard that, there is no such thing as telling right and wrong.
As long as Jiang Ning gave an order, he rushed in immediately, and even if there was a big live broadcast, he would have to kill Lin Qiang.
Jiang Ning was still calm.
It was almost time to see, he turned his head and looked at Huang Yuming, “Are everything arranged?”
“no problem.”
Huang Yuming doesn’t know what Jiang Ning intends, but he does what Jiang Ning says.
Jiang Ning asked him to arrange a few people. They were people who had studied acting. They also called the hotline, accused Lin Wen, and even what to say and how to say, Jiang Ning explained clearly.
Huang Yuming read those words, it was even more exaggerated than Lin Qiang’s words!
That’s his father-in-law!

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