Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 179

This silence was like a pot of water being poured from the head suddenly.
All of a sudden, I became sober.
Hearing those accusations just now, everyone was filled with righteous indignation, and they wanted to catch Lin Wen and get his bones cramped. After all, he was doing things that were angry and grieving.
But now?
Someone reacted, Lin Wen is disabled!
Moreover, he didn’t even have the ability to take care of himself. He was once the least status person in the Lin family. He didn’t know how long he had been laughed at.
How did he become Lin’s executive, and how did he force his subordinates under the unspoken rules?
He still lives in a dilapidated community, and his wife and daughter live in a tight life. How can he be able to occupy other people’s real estate?
He still went to the clubhouse to find a woman?
How the hell do you even play with women?
Not to mention kicking off a few bones of the manager, is he a deadly foot!
For a while, even a fool knew that Lin Wen was maliciously discredited, and they became other people’s knives and tools used by others.
The people who were still on Lin Qiang’s side were suddenly even more angry!
No one wants to be led by the nose like an idiot, and to make a fool of themselves in front of so many people, it seems that they are too naive and too stupid!
“I said at the beginning, it’s impossible! It’s definitely the effect of the show, deliberately discrediting Lin Wen!”
“Yes, he is a disabled person. I heard that he has only cured his legs in the past two days, and he just got out of a wheelchair to walk. How can he kick people? Does he know martial arts?
“Damn, those accusers are simply blackhearted. Can this kind of dirty water be poured on Lin Wen? There is definitely a conspiracy in it!”
The reversal of public opinion is formed almost instantaneously, and it won’t greet you at all.
The host and Lin Qiang in the live broadcast room were dumbfounded.
As soon as Jiang Ning hung up, several people called in again, questioning Lin Qiang, asking him what the details of the accusation against Lin Wen were, how could Lin Qiang speak for a while?
He didn’t expect that public opinion would have such a reversal. He just stood on his side and accused the people who accused Lin Wen, but now he began to question himself?
“These are all secrets, I can’t say, I can only tell you that Lin Wen has done these frantic things!”
Lin Qiang gritted his teeth.
“Then you said Lin Wen persecuted you, how did he persecute you? How did you turn the Lin Group, which you firmly control, into his property?”
“Lin Wen didn’t work for the Lin family at all. He didn’t even have any shares. How did he take it? Don’t treat us as idiots, okay?”
“You are lying! Lin Qiang is lying!”
The phone is almost blown up, and the Internet is even more indignant!
It was not because of Lin Wen, but because of Lin Qiang. He was found out of several explanations. The inconsistencies made him appear guilty.
The host panicked, and hurriedly cut off the hotline call, but did not know this move, which made the audience believe that this is the program deliberately discrediting Lin Wen, which is simply unforgivable!
The entire Internet exploded, and news headlines appeared almost in succession.
At this moment, another post quickly hit the headlines and was sent to everyone almost instantly.
In the news content, Lin Wen was still in a wheelchair and was attending the groundbreaking ceremony of a Hope Primary School. The title reads that the first month’s profit of the New Lin Group was used to donate to Hope Primary School!
Then, donate books, donate clothes, donate stationery, donate…
Xin Lin took the lead with Lin Wen and used his own strength to continuously give back to the people of Donghai City. Even if they did not do enough or big enough, they always persisted.
This started a few months ago when the new Lin family was established, and it has not been interrupted so far!

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