Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 18

Go home.
Lin Yuzhen took the ointment and carefully applied it to Su Mei, his face was full of distress.
This slap must be painful!
Her tears couldn’t help but fall.
“Silly boy, I’m fine.”
Su Mei helped Lin Yu really wipe away the tears.
If they didn’t arrive in time today, I’m afraid they would be arrested, and even if they had ten mouths, they wouldn’t be able to tell.
“Jiangning, you come in, I have something to ask you.”
Su Mei walked into the house, and Jiang Ning immediately followed in.
The door was closed, and there were only two of them in the house.
“Sorry, Mom, it’s my fault.”
Jiang Ning stood there and apologized seriously.
Su Mei looked up at him.
The minimum amount of that card is one billion. She knew Jiang Ning was rich, but she didn’t expect that he would be so rich.
Jiang Ning is not an ordinary person. What purpose does he have when he comes to his own home?
“Who are you?”
Su Mei asked again.
Her expression was extremely serious.
She was more worried about Lin Yuzhen than she was wronged.
Jiang Ning knew that he couldn’t hide it, so he took out the candy paper that had been treasured for many years directly from his pocket.
“this is……”
Su Mei recognized it all at once.
The Lin family just started to start a business, and it was a small workshop for making sweets.
She had wrapped a lot of this candy paper back then!
“Fifteen years ago, I was living on the street and wanted to end my life. A little girl gave me this candy. She told me that as long as I eat this candy, life will become very sweet.”
“That little girl is very kind. She saved my life more than once.”
Jiang Ning took a deep breath, “Such a kind girl, I don’t want her to be harmed, I just want to protect her.”
Su Mei still didn’t understand, that kind little girl was Lin Yuzhen.
Jiang Ning came to her house to repay his favor and approached Lin Yuzhen.
He promised himself that he would never hurt Lin Yuzhen or ruin her.
With his wealth, what woman can’t get?
“Mom, I know that you still don’t know me and don’t trust me enough, but I will work hard to make you accept me, even if I can’t be your son-in-law, I want to be your son.”
Jiang Ning said seriously, “This mom, I’m sure.”
Just now at the bank, Jiang Ning Lei Ting was furious to vent her anger, and that appearance was not pretending at all.
He really treats himself as a mother.
Especially the sentence: “This is my mother, you dare to fight!”
Su Mei still feels trembling in her heart.
No one has ever maintained her like this before, even Lin Wen hasn’t.
Thinking of this, Su Mei was touched again.
Jiang Ning didn’t have any malicious intentions, this time it was indeed a misunderstanding.
“Mom, I’m really sorry this time, I made you wronged.” Jiang Ning apologized again.
“You are not to blame for this, I took the wrong card myself.”
Su Mei shook her head. She was sober and didn’t lose her temper.
If he didn’t take the wrong card, there would be no such thing.
“Let’s go out, I won’t tell anyone about this.”
Lin Wen and Lin Yu are really still outside, and she doesn’t want them to worry.
When the two went out, Lin Wen was angry.
“It’s not just a bank card, are they so suspicious of people?”
Lin Wen was angry, seeing that his wife was wronged, his eyes were red, angry and self-blaming. He blamed himself for being incompetent and unable to protect his wife.
Even Lin Yuzhen didn’t understand that a bank card would cause such a misunderstanding.
She knew that Jiangning’s Kari had money, but it wouldn’t be like this.
Jiang Ning didn’t know how to explain.
My own black card, the Global Banking Union, probably only issued about a hundred, and I gave it to myself ten.
“Dad, Mom, I’m not good this time, I apologize to you.”
Jiang Ning said, “In this way, if I invite everyone to dinner, is it a shock to mom?”
When such a thing happened, Su Mei was not in the mood to cook. When it was time for the meal, the five internal organs temple was indeed a little hungry.
“It’s too expensive to eat out.”
Su Mei shook her head. She now knows how rich Jiangning is, but she doesn’t want to spend Jiangning’s money.
If Hua Linyu is true, she doesn’t have much money.
“It’s not expensive, as long as Mom is happy, it’s not expensive to spend.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning turned around and started the car, “Yuzhen, push Dad out.”
Soon, Su Mei and Lin Wen took the back seat, Lin Yuzhen took the passenger seat, and Jiang Ning drove away from home.
At the same time, a Porsche slowly stopped at the gate of Huacheng District.
“Stop parking!”
A fat man sitting in the car with a fat face laughed, “Stop here.”
“Dad, this is an exit, stop here to block people.”
“Stupid you!”
Zhang Rong cursed, “Do you know that luxury cars have to be high-profile!”
“You stop here to block them, although they will scold you, but they will look at your car seriously, and then they will be jealous, understand?”
The two got out of the car, Zhang Rong held a briefcase, and looked back to make sure that his car was blocking the exit before entering the community.
“Go, pick up your aunt!”
After the two people left for a while, Jiang Ning drove to the exit, saw a car in front of him, and immediately sounded the horn twice.
The security guard heard the voice and walked over quickly with a helpless expression on his face.
“The driver has entered the community!”
Jiang Ning wrinkled slightly: “Call him, come over and move the car.”
The security guard immediately dialed the mobile phone left on the Porsche window, and the call was made in a short while.
“Sir, your car is blocking someone else’s car at the exit. Could you please come and get off the car.” The security guard politely said, obviously knowing that he can’t afford to offend such a luxury car.
“Move what? I let it go for a while, what’s wrong, let him wait!”
After speaking, Zhang Rong hung up, feeling a little proud.
Who dares to touch his own Porsche with more than one million?
Waiting for you!
At the door, the security guard looked embarrassed and helpless.
“They said, let you wait.”
Jiang Ning’s face sank, and he had to accompany his mother-in-law’s family for dinner.
Driving a broken Porsche, so bad tempered?
“What to do, otherwise we go out and take a taxi?” Lin Yu said helplessly.
It’s really helpless to meet this kind of person.
“Otherwise, forget it, I’ll go back and cook two dishes.” Su Mei also said.
“No, I have already booked the hotel, and today, mom, you rest and don’t cook.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning directly shifted the gear and the throttle roared!
“Jiang Ning, what are you doing?” Lin Yu was really nervous.
The brand-new BMW car slammed directly into the front of the Porsche, and immediately smashed the front of the Porsche.
“Jiangning! You are crazy!”
Lin Yu couldn’t help screaming.
Own car, but a new car!
Moreover, if you crash into someone else’s luxury car, you will lose money!
Jiang Ning calmly said, “Today is the first time I have invited my mother to dinner. I can’t tolerate other people’s influence.”
He reversed the car and continued to hit, hitting the Porsche three times in a row, knocking the Porsche away, and then drove away.
The security guard standing at the door was already stunned!
It’s too fucking horizontal!
A brand-new BMW car that hasn’t even got the license plate, just hit it like this?
It was a Porsche!
He turned his head and took a look. The front of the Porsche was so bad that there were debris all over the floor.
Many people around were onlookers, all of them were stunned, and others couldn’t help but filmed the video. Soon, the video spread on the Internet.
“Damn! It’s so awesome, new car, just like that?”
“Then the Porsche owner is really bad, so he stopped in the exit aisle deliberately to pretend to be forceful, right? It’s all right now, it’s a hard stubble!”
“Is there a follow-up? I really look forward to what Porsche owners’ faces will look like when they see it, hahahaha!”
On the Internet, there was an instant boiling, accusing Porsche owners of being unethical and supporting BMW to teach him how to be a man.
I don’t know how many fans, the blood in the body is about to boil!
Similarly, Lin Yuzhen’s family of three sitting in the car, the same blood boiled.
“Jiangning, this is a new car!”
Lin Wen felt distressed.
After buying it for less than a day, I don’t know what the front of the car crashed into. Although it’s not his car, he feels distressed.
“This repair will cost a lot of money, right?”
Su Mei asked.
Lin Yu really didn’t speak, she didn’t know, she could only turn her head to look at Jiang Ning, and she could not ask if you guy was sick again?
“It’s okay, no need to repair, just buy another one tomorrow.”
Jiang Ning wrote lightly.
Lin Yuzhen’s family stopped talking.
They felt that they and Jiang Ning were clearly people of two worlds.
Can a man who doesn’t care about hundreds of thousands of people in this way be a tramp?
How could you be willing to be a door-to-door son-in-law?
At that time.
At the gate of Hwaseong district, a few people were walking up, led by Porsche Car Advocate Rong, next to him was his sister Zhang Cui, who was also the neighbor aunt who ridiculed Su Mei.
“Sister, I can get a promotion now, and I have entered the headquarters of Donghai Bank. The annual salary is much higher than before! No, I just bought a luxury car!”
“Luxury car?” Aunt Zhang Cui said, “My neighbor also bought a BMW, it looks like a BMW. I heard that it was nearly half a million!”
“A half million BMW?”
Zhang Rong sneered, disdainfully said, “This kind of car is a younger brother in front of my Porsche!”
With that, he took out the car key and was about to unlock it, but suddenly he saw his car at the exit. Why was it missing?
He subconsciously pressed the unlock, and the car lights turned on. At the corner of the wall, the front of the car was almost a broken Porsche, only one light could still turn on…
“Ahhhh, how come my car is like this!”
Zhang Rong swelled up with a mouthful of old blood and fainted directly.

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