Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 182

“I am sorry!”
He tried to apologize, tears streaming uncontrollably.
He really knew that he was wrong, and he really knew which son cared about and loved himself the most, but everything was too late.
If he could do it again, he would definitely not treat Lin Wen’s family like this, he really knew he was wrong!
Lin Wen couldn’t help it, and cried loudly while hugging Lin Xiao. The scene of the father and son was filmed by the staff on one side.
Lin Yuzhen couldn’t bear it either, his eyes were red.
For the first time, she felt that Lin Xiao was so old that she had all white hair and a stretchy face, lifeless, like a residual candle in the wind, which might die out if she was not careful.
Even Su Mei didn’t speak from beginning to end.
She didn’t see Lin Xiao back then, only saw a regretful, lonely and pitiful old man, even if she hated Lin Xiao again, she couldn’t have any disgust at this time.
She is still kind after all.

The two photos of Lin Wen hugging and crying with Lin Xiao and his son soon went online and broke the lie that Lin Qiang had said.
It also stirred up a thousand layers of waves, and raised Lin Wen’s reputation to a very high level.
Even Leader Zhang said at the meeting that to learn like Lin Wen, there must be more entrepreneurs like Lin Wen who are kind, responsible, and responsible!
This is an official compliment.
The reputation of the Lin Group has also been greatly improved in Donghai City.
Not only because of these propaganda, but also because of what Lin Group has done, it really makes people feel that this company, not just a commercial company, has a little more human touch.
Lin Wen personally helped Lin Xiao take a bath, changed his clothes, fed him, and sent him to the hospital to recover his body.
He did this not to behave, but just a son who did what he should do to the father in his later years, even if the father made mistakes.
Jiang Ning didn’t say anything, and they couldn’t say anything.
After a period of recuperation and treatment, Lin Xiao’s physical condition improved a lot.
Lin Wen offered to take him home, but Lin Xiao tried his best to shake his head, no matter how he disagreed.
“I… I am not… qualified.”
He just said this.
“Su Mei agreed, she forgave you.”
Lin Wen thought that Lin Xiao was worried about Su Mei’s disagreement, so he hurriedly said.
“I’m sorry Su Mei… she… she is a good daughter-in-law, I don’t blame her… blame me.”
Lin Xiao still shook his head.
In the end, he didn’t agree, and went home with Lin Wen, and chose to go to a nursing home. Lin Wen’s family is now with He Meimei, so that’s good, Lin Xiao doesn’t want to disturb them.
Seeing this, Lin Wen had no choice but to send Lin Xiao to the best nursing home in Donghai City for someone to take care of it.
Su Mei had visited twice, Lin Xiao couldn’t help crying, and he kept apologizing, which made Su Mei couldn’t help crying.
Lin Yuzhen was lying on the bed, still feeling a little.
Sometimes many things are unexpected, and the results are surprising, and sometimes they are moving.
“Jiang Ning, you said, do you know what kind of person you are when you get old?”
“Not necessarily.”
Jiang Ning did not move, “I am so young now, and I know what kind of person I am.”
“Then what kind of person are you?”
Lin Yu asked really curiously.
“One, a man who is afraid of the cold.”
Jiang Ning said, shrinking himself.
The room suddenly became quiet.
Faintly, you can hear Lin Yuzhen’s slightly nervous breathing…

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