Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 183

“Why don’t you come to bed?”
After a while, Jiang Ning almost fell asleep, when Lin Yu’s voice was so thin as a mosquito.
Jiang Ning was immediately relieved of sleepiness.
He didn’t want to miss such an opportunity again, got up, rolled the quilt, and lay sideways next to Lin Yuzhen.
Suddenly, the man’s breath rushing toward his face was a little hot, making Lin Yu really crimson.
She stepped back subconsciously, but the bed was so big, she was already against the wall, and the two were separated by the quilt!
In the darkness, she could even feel the heat that Jiang Ning exhaled!
“You… don’t move!”
Lin Yu really gritted his teeth.
If the lights were turned on at this moment, Jiang Ning would definitely be able to see that Lin Yu’s real face was already red as an apple.
“Well, I won’t move.”
Jiang Ning said seriously.
This is already a great improvement. Jiang Ning didn’t want to leap so much at once, making Lin Yu really nervous and scared.
He rolled himself up with a quilt, like a silkworm, motionless.
Lin Yuzhen glanced at him secretly, flushed, thinking how he agreed, and the lone man and widow were sleeping in a bed. What can he do now?
But Jiang Ning can’t keep sleeping on the floor. Although it’s already April, it’s still very cold at night.
Lin Yu was really tangled and regretted, but now he can’t regret it anymore. Speaking of which, the two are still husband and wife. Sleeping together seems to make sense.
She couldn’t help thinking about it, hesitating and nervous, fearing that Jiang Ning could not help it, suddenly rushed over, then what should she do, obey or resist?
Before she could understand, Jiang Ning’s slight and even breathing sounded in her ears.
This guy fell asleep directly!
No words for a night.
After Lin Qiang’s uproar, instead of ruining Lin Wen, the reputation of Lin Wen and the Lin Group has been greatly improved.
Whether it is a personal brand or the entire corporate culture, the outside world is admired.
Lin Xiao was settled in the best nursing home in Donghai City, with a special person to take care of him. After seeing it a few times, Lin Wen was relieved. Su Mei occasionally made soup and sent it to him, making Lin Xiao red eyes and thinking every time. cry.
Such a good daughter-in-law, he used to be so bewildered by lard, she didn’t treat her well!
And Lin Qiang was jailed and sentenced to twelve years!
On the day he was sent to prison, Brother Dog went there.
In that prison, there were quite a few people I knew in the circle. Brother Dog brought a lot of good cigarettes and fruits to visit those old people. He pointed to Lin Qiang and said, this one provokes my eldest brother.
There is no need to say anything, Lin Qiang’s future is destined to be difficult.
After two consecutive shots, Yu Fang failed miserably, making him very angry, but could not find a way for a while.
Lin Feng ran away, and he didn’t want to leave Lin Feng this kind of waste.
Don’t kill Jiang Ning, he can’t breathe like this, let alone explain to his family!
“When on earth can you do it?”
Yu Fangren couldn’t bear it anymore, “Isn’t it just a Donghai city, you are a provincial capital, are you afraid that they won’t succeed?”
The only thing he can trust now is to kill Jiang Ning through the underground circle!
The Jin family has no voice now, and is trying to find a famous doctor to treat Jin Ran’s legs. He will not go to the East China Sea in a short time, and his hatred can only be avenged by himself.
“Not yet time,”
The other party’s reply is still the same, “If Huang Yuming’s background is not clear, no one dared to move.

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