Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 185

Donghae City, there is no shadow of the north!
With this sentence, the regulations and others immediately understood in their hearts.
Behind that Huang Yuming, there was no support from the northern surname, his mother was cheated by him, so scared that no one dared to do it for so long.
“Thank you, butler Zhao!”
Someone reacted and didn’t say much, and immediately threw down a check, “Tea money.”
Let’s go after speaking.
Afterwards, a few people left, but the regulations became more mindful.
“Housekeeper Zhao, did Master Fu say nothing to Donghai?”
Even if there is no shadow of the north, Huang Yuming killed Zhou Hua. Behind Zhou Hua, there is a shadow of the north.
If you can do this, the topaz is obviously not a soft persimmon, it can be kneaded easily.
“Hehe, Lord Fu, don’t care.”
Only this sentence was downplayed by Steward Zhao.
The bylaws knew that Steward Zhao would not say anything to herself, so she nodded and said, “Thank you, Steward Zhao, I will go now.”
Since Huang Yuming doesn’t have the shadow of the north, there is nothing to be afraid of. If you want to do it, you must be fast, so as not to be taken first.
With such a big piece of fat in front of you, everyone looked at it for a long time, and was tempted to drool long ago.
Everyone left, and Steward Zhao returned to the backyard.
Ponds, lotuses, running water, and the sounds of birds are a good place.
In the pavilion, a man who was nearly fifty years old sat cross-legged. In front of him, he was also a middle-aged man. From a distance, he looked like a sword!
Obviously, the sword spirit is so high, but it is very restrained!
“Master Fu, they are all gone.”
Steward Zhao respectfully said.
“These people are cautious.”
Master Fu didn’t speak, looking at the chess game in front of him, he seemed to be thinking, the chess piece on his finger was lifted for a long time, but it didn’t fall.
After a while, he sighed, “This chess is not easy to play.”
The middle-aged man on the opposite side said: “I have checked, and there is indeed no background in the north.”
“But that person, his strength should not be underestimated.”
“How strong is it?”
“Not weaker than me.”
Hearing these words, Master Fu raised his head, his face was already wrinkled, but when he looked at it, he was very gentle, like a kind old man, without the breath of a provincial underground king.
He is very aware of the strength of the middle-aged man sitting opposite him. He has been able to occupy the provincial capital for so many years because of his existence.
The killer beside him, the invincible killer of Tianhai Province!
One person can crush the entire underground circle of Tianhai Province, and no one dares to look up!
But he said, that person is not weaker than him?
You know, that person is nearly twenty years younger than the murderous god next to him!
Even Steward Zhao, who was on the side, was slightly astonished, as if he couldn’t believe it.
On this day in Hai Province, there is someone who can be better than this sword master?
He has been with Master Fu for twenty years. It can be said that besides killing God, Master Fu trusts the most. He has seen the means and strength of killing God, not to mention Tianhai Province, even if it is the whole country, a stronger person than him. , Is also very few.
This is undoubtedly an extremely shocking message.
After a long time, the chess piece in Master Fu’s hand fell, but it was completely different from the way he usually played chess.
“Let them try first.”
The Killing God didn’t speak anymore, and concentrated on playing chess, but Steward Zhao didn’t speak either, but he knew that Master Fu was talking to himself, and he wanted to stare at the movement there.
For so many years, even if the young talent who suddenly emerged at the beginning, Master Fu hadn’t paid attention to it once, but this time, Master Fu fell in love without even seeing anyone.
Obviously, that person is not simple.

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