Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 186

The changes in Donghai City can be described by surging winds, and it is developing rapidly almost every day.
When Lin Wen returned, the Lin Group accelerated its take-off. His reputation is now rising, and the reputation and prestige of the entire Lin Group is steadily improving.
More and more people came to seek cooperation, and Lin Wen had to set a threshold.
The Hesheng Group, where the provincial capital was still aloft, has collapsed, and a big mountain has fallen down in just a few days.
This makes people even more aware of the horror of the Lin Group. Whether it can borrow this wind and board this big ship about to set sail requires luck in addition to vision.
For example, Xue Xing, the president of Donghai Bank, is the first person to make the right choice. Therefore, bringing Donghai Bank has brought extremely rich returns.
With Lin Wen presiding over the overall situation and Lin Yuzhen’s assistance, the Lin Group does not need Jiang Ning at all.
He wouldn’t make a move either. Jiang Ning actually didn’t care about such a thing.
His center of gravity is on the side of the underground circle.
Training ground in the suburbs.
Brother Gou and others have gone crazy recently. The first person broke through for eight minutes, and the others had to catch up even if they didn’t eat or drink or sleep.
Soon, six people successfully cleared the level in eight minutes.
Jiang Ning was watching, and Huang Yuming diligently lit his cigarette: “Brother, these guys are still working hard, but the talent is too bad. It is not easy to meet the requirements of the big brother.”
He can also be regarded as helping the dog brothers to speak.
“Talent is important, but more important is attitude.”
Jiang Ning smiled and said, “I have seen too many talented people, but their attitude is not correct and the upper limit is obvious. They are not bad.”
With the word “good”, they don’t know how excited they are. This is Jiang Ning’s highest evaluation of them!
“Old Huang,”
“A Fei has something to do. I want you to go and help him for some days.”
Huang Yuming was startled, and immediately became excited, “Finally, did he think of me?”
“But if I leave, what should I do if the people from the provincial capital come to disturb Big Brother?”
He thought that his main task was to protect Jiang Ning, but he couldn’t let others take advantage of the loopholes.
Jiang Ning smiled and said nothing.
Huang Yuming suddenly understood that Jiang Ning’s strength still needs protection from others?
“when are we leaving?”
Huang Yuming paused and asked, “Brother Fei needs it, then I have nothing to say.”
“Leave today.”
Jiangning Road.
Huang Yuming was a little surprised, leaving today seems a bit anxious, but A Fei needs himself so much, there must be important things to do for himself.
He can miss the time he spent with A Fei, which is unforgettable in his life.
“When you leave, be quieter and swagger.”
Jiang Ning said again.
Huang Yuming understood at once, asking him to leave this time was deliberately to let the people in the provincial capital know.
“I understand.”
Huang Yuming nodded solemnly.
He immediately walked over, called Brother Gou and the others, and said solemnly: “I’m leaving the East China Sea for some time recently. You guys, you can hear it clearly. Even if you die, protect the East China Sea for me! ”
Huang Yuming left, there was a lot of movement, and the news spread quickly.
But Jiang Ning didn’t care about this, he went to the BMW 4S shop again.
There is no way, these people like Gou are too hard, and they have met their requirements in a short period of time. If they say good rewards, that can’t be less.
Jiang Ning has always been a person who believes in his words, just as he once faced the world’s number one terrorist, saying that he would kill your entire organization, and he would definitely not stay!

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