Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 187

At the BMW 4S store, the new lady sales at the beginning has now become the sales team leader.
Other veteran sales staff saw Jiang Ninglai, and apart from regret, they just wanted to slap themselves severely.
Missing it once is like missing a lifetime.
Especially, when they heard Jiang Ning’s purpose of coming this time, they even had a hanged heart.
“Mr. Jiang, please have tea.”
Female salesmen now even have their own office, which is responsible for receiving distinguished guests like Jiang Ning.
“You said that you want 30 units of the five series. Our store does not currently have that many cars, but I can arrange it for you as soon as possible.”
This is definitely a big deal!
Even though I am used to Jiang Ning’s big hand, the female salesperson is still a little excited about this business.
She even wondered, if Jiang Ning helped her in this way, did she like herself? Does she need to express herself?
But when I thought, Lin Yuzhen, who followed last time, how did he compare with such a woman.
She was stripped and washed and sent to Jiang Ning. He probably wouldn’t even look at it.
“That’s fine, you can do this.”
Jiang Ning didn’t want to talk nonsense, so he took out the card and paid the deposit, “As soon as possible.”
“Okay, Mr. Jiang, please rest assured, I will do it for you.”
After finishing this order, I am afraid I will be promoted to sales manager again. I have gone from newcomer to sales manager in a few months. This life span is really great!
She didn’t even tell Jiang Ning about some discounts, because in her eyes, it was an insult to Jiang Ning to say discounts to a really rich man like Jiang Ning.
After giving the deposit, Jiang Ning left. There was a female salesperson in this matter, but he was relieved.
Jiang Ning went to the Lin Group, and Lin Yu was really busy in the office.
He didn’t bother, sitting on the sofa, eating an apple and playing with his mobile phone.
The entire Lin Group is busy, it seems that there is only such a behind-the-scenes boss, who is really leisurely.
Thinking of sleeping with Lin Yuzhen last night, Jiang Ning still feels very happy now.
Although I didn’t do anything, why must I do something?
Sometimes the obscure beauty is the real beauty.
For a while, Lin Yu really frowned, then stretched it out, and after flipping a few pages of the contract, he frowned again.
She looked up and saw Old God Jiang Ning eating snacks and drinking tea, but she was too busy, complaining a little.
“Call husband.”
Lin Yuzhen deliberately dragged the ending sound, and Jiang Ning was stunned by the numbness, and immediately sat up straight, “You should call my name.”
“Jiangning, come over and help me take a look.”
Lin Yu really snorted, “You real big boss, can’t you just ignore everything, right?”
She is not convinced.
No matter how you think, their family seems to work for Jiangning, this guy just eats, drinks and has fun.
“I don’t care about business matters,”
Jiang Ning smiled, “I don’t understand.”
Lin Yuzhen bulged her cheeks: “I really don’t know how to make a decision.”
Jiang Ning just got up, walked up to Lin Yuzhen and looked at the watches placed on the table.
These are several partners, all from the provincial capital. Lin’s first goal is to enter the provincial capital and then expand to the whole country. If the first step is not smooth, then the following things will be difficult to do.
Lin Yu was really stressed and worried. After all, it was the first time she became a general manager, and she was in charge of such a large plate from the beginning.
“The conditions of these companies are all right, and they have their own advantages in some aspects. I don’t know how to choose.”
Lin Yu really felt the pressure of being a controller, “It is about the development of the Lin Group, I have to be cautious.”
Jiang Ning just hummed softly.
“I mean, as the big boss, can you help with some advice?”
She didn’t expect Jiang Ning to make decisions directly for her.
Lin Yuzhen looked at Jiang Ning with a little guilty expression in his eyes: “Jiang Ning, I have to admit that I am not capable of it.”
“I’m afraid I accidentally knocked down the Lin Group.”
While talking, Lin Yu really had red eyes…

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