Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 188

It is indeed difficult for her to control such a big ship. She has worked very hard, but after all, she is still young, and her experience and ability will be worse.
Seeing that Lin Yuzhen was so anxious that he shed tears, Jiang Ning couldn’t help but feel distressed.
He helped Lin Yuzhen wipe away the traces of tears from the corners of his eyes.
“This company is not going to fail. You almost made my favorite wife cry. How do we count this?”
Jiang Ning said seriously.
Lin Yuzhen stared at him blankly and heard what Jiang Ning meant. Even if Lin was run by her, Jiang Ning would not care at all. He only cared about himself.
“Don’t you blame me?”
She asked cautiously.
Jiang Ning shook his head: “No, you just let it go, don’t stress.”
Just one Lin? Jiang Ning could give Lin Yuzhen one hundred companies of this level at will, and let her practice her hands, he didn’t believe that Lin Yu was really capable of one hundred.
Lin Yuzhen prolonged the ending again, but this time, he was obviously moved.
“Call husband.”
“Husband…thank you husband.”
Wiping Lin Yuzhen’s tears, she took a deep breath and continued to work, while Jiang Ning sat back on the sofa, continued to eat his fruit, and played with his mobile phone.
After a while, the phone rang.
Jiang Ning connected. It was a call from Brother Gou.
“Brother, someone from the provincial capital is making trouble.”
Sure enough, as soon as Huang Yuming left, someone came.
These guys really didn’t let themselves down.
He has always been worried that the people over the provincial capital will be too cautious and will not make any moves. Since they are here, they will play some.
Jiang Ning raised his head and glanced at Lin Yuzhen, and saw that she was thinking hard and did not bother, he confessed to the secretary Xiao Zhao, and left the Lin Group.
There are still many industries under Huang Yuming’s name, but he has abandoned all the gray parts.
Many bars, karaoke halls and pool halls are left to operate, also for the sake of mixing up a bowl of food for the brothers.
It happened in a pool hall.
“Why, bullying us outsiders? Others cost 30 yuan an hour, so why are you 50?”
The people who came here were very popular, and they were very good at hitting them, and they beat a few people who were watching the store to their heads.
“The price is written on the wall, transparent and open, you can not play if you are not satisfied, and you have to pay for it!”
One person clutched his head and gritted his teeth and said, “This is not the place where you are making trouble. Give the money to fuck off, otherwise don’t blame us for being impolite!”
The man on the opposite side lifted his foot and kicked it, kicking the speaker directly to the ground, and said coldly, “You’re welcome? How can you be kind of trash like you?”
He looked up, glanced around, and yelled coldly, “Don’t fucking fight! This store is not doing business today! Let me get out of here!”
The people who watched the excitement around were still playing basketball. They didn’t dare to stay anymore. Some left the money and ran away.
Looking at the pool hall that became empty in an instant, the man was very satisfied.
He stepped on the face of the shopkeeper and said with a smile: “Oh, I apologize to Lao Tzu obediently, and kneel down and shout to the Lord, otherwise your shop, don’t even think about opening it today!”
“I want to kneel down? You dream!”
The people who watch the store are obviously also hard bones. In Donghai, his own home, he bows his head to others. If he speaks out, he doesn’t need to be confused!
The man raised his hand and slapped him severely, “Kneel down!”

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