Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 19

Jinyu Restaurant.
It is very famous in Donghae City.
Here are the best chefs in Donghai City. Eating here is not only expensive but also requires advance reservations.
Before leaving the house, Jiang Ning had already asked Lin Yuzhen to call and make an appointment.
Jiang Ning pushed Lin Wen out of the elevator, Lin Yuzhen and Su Mei followed behind.
For the first time in such a high-end hotel, Su Mei was a little nervous.
“Uma, is this too expensive?”
She whispered, “We can’t spend Jiangning’s money indiscriminately. This is a favor and it is not good to pay.”
Lin Yu really knew that a random meal at Jinyu Restaurant would cost several thousand yuan. Some colleagues came here to have a meal, and went back to brag for more than a month.
“Jiang Ning said he would invite you to dinner, but I can’t stop him.”
She hesitated for a moment and said, “You can eat without worry, I will give him our share of money when I go back.”
Hearing this, Su Mei felt more at ease.
Jiang Ning pushed Lin Wen to the waiter, and the waiter immediately stepped forward.
“Sorry, sir, our restaurant is full. If you choose to eat, please wait by the side.”
Jiang Ning glanced around, then turned to look at Lin Yuzhen, “Didn’t you reserve a seat?”
Lin Yuzhen stepped forward, took out the phone, and there was the reservation information on it: “Yes, we made a reservation. You can check the record at the front desk. It’s six o’clock, and it’s only 5:46.”
“Sorry, there are guests here, so I went straight in. The information about your reservation may not be updated in time.”
The waiter said lightly, “Please wait on the side, or you can come back tomorrow.”
“Why? It’s because we booked it first, OK?”
Lin Yu was really helpless, how to have a meal, it was still so troublesome.
This restaurant can’t rely on its own business, just come in disorder.
Su Mei took a look and pulled Lin Yuzhen to say, “Or, shall we eat somewhere else?”
It’s still too expensive here, and she knows the price is high when she sees the clothes of the people sitting in it.
“Mom, today is the first time I have invited you to dinner, we are not going anywhere, that’s it.”
No one has ever dared to take his place. Whenever Jiang Ning went out to eat, those restaurant owners were not polite to greet him, but now it is good, he even made a reservation, but there was no seat.
“Who is your boss?”
When the waiter heard this, he couldn’t help but raised his eyebrows.
Want to find a relationship?
He sees many such people!
He smiled coldly: “Our boss is Huang Yuming, Donghai City Manager Huang, have you heard of it?”
When most people hear the name Huang Yuming, they know that they can’t afford to provoke them, and they retreat obediently. He sees more of this kind of people, and they pretend to be garlic.
Jiang Ning didn’t speak, and took out his mobile phone to dial Huang Yuming’s number.
At this moment, Huang Yuming was soaking in the hot spring on the top floor, holding the delicate little model in his arms, very uncomfortable.
The phone rang aside, it was an unfamiliar number. He took a hand from the young model and connected to the phone.
“Xiao Huang, come to your restaurant for dinner, is there a place?”
Hearing the sound, Huang Yuming was so excited!
He stood up directly, the water splashed everywhere, making the tender face pale with fright.
“Yes! Are you in the Jinyu restaurant? I’ll get down right away!”
Regardless of the fact that his hair was still wet, Huang Yuming quickly dried his body, changed into clothes, and drove down from the top floor by the exclusive elevator.
At that time, the service desk of Jinyu Restaurant.
The waiter looked at Jiang Ning like a fool.
Xiao Huang?
You fucking pretend too, right?
In the entire East China Sea, no one dared to call Huang Yuming Xiaohuang. He didn’t want to live almost the same, so he pretended to be on Huang’s site.
“Boy, if you don’t ask, whose site is this? It’s a wrong place!”
The waiter’s face sank, “I’ll give you one minute and get out immediately, otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”
Jiang Ning ignored him, he didn’t even care about a waiter who looked down on people.
“Didn’t you hear what I said?”
The waiter’s voice became cold, took out the walkie-talkie, and sneered: “Brother Dog, someone is making trouble in the Jinyu Restaurant! Come up!”
Upon hearing this, Lin Wen and Su Mei suddenly became anxious.
This restaurant does not seem simple!
“Yuzhen, let’s go, they are not easy to mess with.”
“Yeah, let’s go home to eat, I will cook for you!”
These years, they have been insulted and bullied too much, and now they are less courageous, afraid of offending people.
Lin Yuzhen did not move.
Because she knew that Jiang Ning really knew Huang Yuming and gave him steamed buns. The two lived together in the bridge cave. Both were brothers of the Beggar Gang.
Da da da!
With a sound of footsteps, more than a dozen burly men rushed up, and the leader was obviously the brother dog in the waiter’s mouth.
“Who dares to make trouble here, don’t want to live anymore!”
Brother Gou snorted coldly.
“Brother Dog, that’s them!”
The waiter pointed to Jiang Ning, “I said that there is no seat here, and they want to break in by force. This kid, even more so, called our boss Xiao Huang!”
When Brother Gou heard this, his face was stagnant, and immediately went cold.
Xiao Huang?
Fucked with the guts of the ambition leopard, I dare not call Huang Yuming Xiaohuang, this kid is tired and crooked!
As soon as he rolled up his sleeves, a dozen people immediately surrounded Jiang Ning and several others.
“Boy, did you get out by yourself, or we threw you upstairs!”
Jiang Ning turned his head and stared at Brother Dog, squinting slightly.
“Are you sure, you want to be disrespectful to me?”
Brother Dog was startled and laughed loudly: “Who the hell do you think you are? Lao Tzu kills you like an ant and disrespects you?”
“Stop talking nonsense, since you don’t get out, don’t blame Laozi for being cruel!”
He was about to start his hands when the elevator door opened and Huang Yuming ran out in a hurry, with water droplets on his hair.
He burst into a shout, and Brother Dog was stunned.
The waiter was also stunned, the boss is here!
“Stop it! Stop the fucking stop!”
Huang Yuming stepped forward, raised his hand and slapped the dog, “Are you blind? I don’t know he is my eldest brother! Even he dare to hit?”
After speaking, Huang Yuming immediately walked to Jiang Ning and took a deep breath.
“Brother, Xiao Huang is late, and his staff didn’t teach well. I’m so sorry!”
Brother Gou was stupid, and he forgot to hurt his face.
The waiter was equally stunned, only feeling that his legs were trembling, and he almost sat down.
Just now Huang Yuming called Jiang Ning’s eldest brother, and even called himself Xiao Huang!
What exactly is going on?
Su Mei and Lin Wen were equally stunned, with an incredible expression on their faces.
Big brother?
When did Jiang Ning become Huang Yuming’s eldest brother?
“I was still stunned by what to do, and immediately apologize to my elder brother!”
Huang Yulang said coldly.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Gou nodded and apologized quickly.
“Yes, I’m sorry!” The waiter’s voice was shaking.
“Xiao Huang, when you do business, you need to behave like doing business. Set the rules, and the people underneath change them casually?
Jiang Ning stared at Huang Yuming with a calm tone, but still made Huang Yuming nervous.
“You taught this, or did the boy ALFY not teach it well?”
Hearing that, Huang Yuming’s heart is beating even more!
“It’s me who is not good! I didn’t do a good job, and my eldest brother was right to criticize. I am going to change it right away!”
Huang Yuming hurriedly said to the waiter, “You can go, it’s against the restaurant’s system!”
He turned his head to look at Brother Gou again, and Brother Gou suddenly became ashamed!

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