Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 191

Dozens of people went out, drove five or six cars, and moved separately.
Xu Feng is a savvy person. At least he himself thinks so. He acted separately and caught his opponent by surprise. When they reacted, his people had already left.
If you do this several times in a row, you don’t have to do business with others, and naturally you have to be softened, and even come to your door to ask for peace.
He can rise by these means, not much fierce, but disgusting.
All his staff went out, he took out the phone and dialed the number.
“Yu Shao, Dong Hai, not as scary as you think.”
He spoke with a sense of pride and disdain, “My people are already in place. In the past few days, I can win a few places. You can prepare to do it.”
When Yu Fang received the call, he was a little surprised at first, but when he heard Xu Feng’s disdainful tone, he felt a little uneasy.
“Which one did you see?”
Xu Feng said directly. He thought that Yu Fang was talking about Huang Yuming. Didn’t Huang Yuming leave Donghai temporarily, “I can only tell you that these people in Donghai City are very soft and weak. They will not fight back even if they are beaten. They also don’t have the ability to fight back, and I regret not having come earlier.”
After missing the most chaotic period before, Xu Feng regretted it. At that time, it was the easiest to gain a foothold.
“You can do it. Just acquire a few small companies and gain a firm foothold in the East China Sea. The road behind will be paved.”
After speaking, Xu Feng hung up the phone.
Yu Fang hesitated a little, because he felt something abnormal. Would Jiang Ning be so bullied?
If that were the case, the Jin family would not be so passive if they were at home with themselves.
But he also got the news that not only Xu Feng did it, but several big bosses in the province and capital have all moved, all pointing to Donghai City.
“This is to encircle and suppress the underground circles of the East China Sea!”
Yu Fang made a judgment.
If it was Xu Feng alone, then he would be cautious and would not dare to enter the East China Sea. After all, Jiang Ning had warned him, the people of Yu family, as long as they dare to enter the East China Sea, they will be wiped out!
Thinking of this sentence, Yu Fang couldn’t help but tremble sharply at this moment. He wanted to earn a man under his command to sell his life, but he didn’t expect to be so overbearing.
“Do it!”
Yu Fang made the decision. If it is too late, there will be no chance for Jiang Ning to get his bones cramped.
Several big bosses in the provincial capital did it at the same time, let alone Jiang Ning, even anyone is in disaster!
He immediately arranged it so that the companies under the Yu family’s name began to chase, chase, and intercept the Lin Group. If the Lin Group was not killed, he couldn’t swallow his breath.
When the Lin Group was destroyed and Lin Yuzhen knelt in front of him begging for mercy, Jiang Ning might have also died in the hands of those big men.
It’s a pity that Jiang Ning couldn’t watch his wife ravaged him with his own eyes.
Soon, several companies of Yu’s family blatantly launched an impact on the Lin Group. They were not only normal business methods, but they didn’t care about the abuse.
As long as they can destroy the Lin Group’s business, they will do everything they can to destroy the two or three cooperation negotiations of the Lin Group one after another.
Lin Wen was a little surprised. Business has been going smoothly these days, and no one in the provincial capital has stumbled like this, but a few things suddenly appeared that made him a little angry.
“Chairman, these projects are the focus of our layout of the provincial capital. For Lin to step out of the East China Sea and establish a foothold in the provincial capital and the entire Tianhai Province, these projects are very important.”
The executive in charge of the project has anger on his face, “But some people bid maliciously, just deliberately sabotage, we can use legal means to sue them for malicious competition.”

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