Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 192

Lin Wen shook his head.
If the other party dares to do this, it doesn’t care about going through judicial procedures, and even if going through judicial procedures, what about the time cost?
Even if it is won, the project is also yellow, and both lose.
“What is the purpose of the other party?”
Do anything, always have a purpose.
Not for fame, but for profit.
“Looking like revenge.”
This is Lin Yu really speaking.
After investigation, it was discovered that there was Yu’s shadow behind these companies, and Lin Yu really knew that it must be Yu’s people who did it.
They provoked one after another, do you really think they are bullying!
Hearing this sentence, Lin Wen immediately understood.
“Vice President Wang, this project, we must take it down, you continue to talk about it,”
Lin Manlang said, “The other party does damage. We can’t let him succeed, and we can’t let them break the market order. This requires everyone’s concerted efforts and wisdom. From now on, this is a struggle!”
This is the first enemy faced by the Lin Group!
The group of people present suddenly became a little excited, not nervous and scared, but excited!
For the first time, they are going to follow Lin’s father and daughter to deal with the enemy together!
Everyone immediately plunged into intense work. To defeat this shameless opponent in business, wisdom, courage and courage are needed, and the Lin Group now has them.
At this moment, it is time to play these roles.
Almost the same moment.
Xu Feng’s people are here.
It was the same pool hall. A few people got out of the car and rushed to the door. First, they kicked the activity billboard hanging on the door, and then rushed in directly.
“What I said doesn’t work well, right?”
The man who beat the others that day roared, “This pool hall, you dare to open it! Stop the fucking stop for me!”
He drew a pool cue and knocked it hard on the pool table. The cue was broken in two in an instant. It looked quite scary!
However, the person who played in it was still playing, but just glanced at him as if looking at a fool.
Hei Ba fell into his pocket, and the game was over, then Gou raised his head and glanced at the man and the three people behind him.
Just a few people, dare to make trouble?
“Stop it for me!”
Seeing that no one was paying attention to him, the man was annoyed, and he was about to hit someone with a pool stick in his hand.
Brother Gou waved his hand, and the people around immediately stepped back.
“Today, the business has done this. It is free for everyone. It disturbs everyone’s interest. I apologize to everyone. If you come back tomorrow, it will still be free and give you drinks.”
Brother Gou smiled and looked at the surrounding guests, bowed slightly and nodded.
Many people know Brother Gou, don’t look at Brother Gou looking fierce, but during this period of contact, Brother Gou is very polite to people, and never allowed anyone to mess around in this pool hall to ensure the safety of all consumers.
All the players knew, and they said hello to Brother Gou one by one, saying that he would play two rounds with Brother Gou the next day, and the man’s face was blackened with anger.
It’s fucking about to close, and I’m a fart!
He held the pool cue in his hand and pointed to Brother Dog: “Are you the person in charge here? Why didn’t I see you last time.”
Brother Gou glanced at him, and immediately understood that this guy was the one who wounded his brother.
Didn’t see yourself last time?
Brother Gou smiled, clapped his hands, and several people behind closed the door of the pool hall.
If the dog is going to be hit, of course the door has to be closed, otherwise, what should I do if the dog runs away?
“Did not see me last time?”
When the door was locked, Brother Dog’s face suddenly sank, his murderous aura boiled, “Last time you saw me, you were already dead!”

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