Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 193

As soon as the voice fell, Brother Dog moved!
The training these days has made him squeeze enough strength in his body, and now he finally has a place to vent, he doesn’t want to be preempted by others.
Like a ferocious wolf, Brother Gou rushed over and punched him, surprisingly fast!
The person was too late to react, and the whole person suddenly turned into a prawn with a bowed waist, his face flushed, and he screamed and flew out.
Brother Gou snorted, glanced at several other people, and saw that they were already scared, and said coldly, “Break their legs!”
Dare to make trouble in the East China Sea, this is the price!
what! what! what!
A few screams made the scalp numb.
At the same time, exactly the same thing happened in several places.
The pack of wolves has long been unable to hold it back, and seeing someone come to the East China Sea to make trouble, and even hurt their brother, how can they bear it?
If it weren’t for Jiang Ning to say, don’t hurt their lives, these people don’t want to go out of the East China Sea alive!
In just one hour, everyone was resolved without a trace of muddle-headedness.
Brother Gou and the others found that their strength had become stronger again, and they were excited to wait for more people to come to the East China Sea to make trouble, and they would tidy up one by one.
Xu Feng, who was waiting for news in the small town hotel, took advantage of this leisurely effort and called a young lady who was working hard as a pile driver.
He felt a little dissatisfied. The level of service in such a small town is limited. When he enters the East China Sea, all the surrounding sites have to be taken down. Then, if he develops it well, even the places in the small town are all captured. You can definitely make a lot of money in your hands.
As he was sprinting hard, Xu Feng felt that he was getting more and more brave while listening to the professional cry in his ear.
“Ring Ling Ling…”
The phone rang at some untimely time. Xu Feng glanced at it. It was from his own confidant, but he didn’t rush to answer it.
Anyway, it must be good news. Whatever you do, you must first carry out the current charge and carry it through to the end.
But the phone kept calling, and the ringtone made people a little irritable. Xu Feng felt that the artistic conception he had just immersed in suddenly disappeared.
He backed up two steps, picked up the phone to connect, and cursed a little annoyed: “What’s the hurry? Call me later and say no?”
“Do you disturb Boss Xu’s interest?”
On the other side of the phone, there was a strange voice.
Xu Feng shocked, “Who are you?”
“You come to smash my plate, now ask who am I?”
On the other end of the phone, Jiang Ning’s voice was a bit cold, “No more nonsense, your people, sixteen, are all with me. If you want to get people back, it depends on what price Xu boss is willing to pay. I don’t worry. Boss, continue, I sent someone to pick you up.”
After speaking, the phone hung up.
Xu Feng suddenly broke into a cold sweat.
All his people are planted?
how can that be!
Didn’t Huang Yuming leave? He also took away a lot of elites from his side, all of which he saw with his own eyes.
Why, there are still many powerful characters in Donghae City? impossible.
“Big Brother~”
She was lying there, looking back at Xu Feng’s woman and twisted, “Hurry up~ Come on, hurry up~”
“Come to your mother!”
Xu Feng yelled, ignoring so much, and immediately put on clothes and pants. He was panicked at the moment. The people he had brought were all killed. That was the best thing for his men to beat.
“Big Brother~ I haven’t given any money yet.”
“Don’t be too noisy!” Xu Feng drew out a stack of money and threw it away at random, “put on your clothes and roll!”
He didn’t dare to stay any longer, Jiang Ning sent someone to pick him up, and all his men were planted. If he doesn’t leave, he won’t be able to leave.
But when Xu Feng just opened the door, the two people standing outside the door still had a smile on their faces.

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