Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 194

“Boss Xu, Xiongfeng is not so good, why did he come out so soon?”
“you guys……”
“Let’s take a trip, my brother, can’t you let it go?”
After speaking, the two of them didn’t give Xu Feng a chance to speak, they left him and the other right, and they took him away.
Wearing a black headgear on his head, Xu Feng didn’t know where he was taken.
He was really panicked.
Suddenly being torn off his headgear, the dazzling light caused Xu Feng to scream in surprise. He opened his eyes and adjusted to the light, only to see his dozen or so subordinates, all kneeling on the ground at the moment, all bowing their heads. , Without saying a word.
“Boss Xu?”
Sitting on the top, Jiang Ning glanced at Xu Feng, “I’m seeing you for the first time, and introduce myself. My name is Jiang Ning.”
“Tokai, it’s mine.”
The next sentence made Xu Feng’s Adam’s apple slippery. Dong Hai is named Jiang Ning. Who is Huang Yuming? What is his identity?
“Huang Yuming, just do things for me.”
Jiang Ning’s second sentence made Xu Feng understand instantly, and his face turned pale with fright.
“Elder Xu is not a young man. He came to the East China Sea to make trouble. As I said, the East China Sea is my place. No one is allowed to make trouble. Boss Xu doesn’t understand, or doesn’t he care?”
“You don’t have to put on airs!”
Xu Feng took a deep breath, “East China Sea is not yours, huh! I tell you, people in the provincial capital are all eyeing this place, it is not your turn to call the shots!”
They must be ready to do something about the regulations. By then, the big bosses in the provincial capital will have to die!
The East China Sea will become a piece of fat for them to fight for and divide.
“Really, all the provincial capitals are eyeing me?”
Xu Feng didn’t see any fear, or nervousness or anxiety on Jiang Ning’s face. On the contrary, Jiang Ning’s face was a little bit of excitement, as if he had been looking forward to this day.
Is this man a lunatic?
“They, I don’t care, our affairs are counted one by one,”
Jiang Ning pointed to the dozens of people and said, “They broke my business. This is a day of cessation of business, and the loss is not small. They also broke a lot of things. You have to pay? The most important thing is that they hurt my brother. The consequences are serious.”
“I don’t bully you or hurt my brother. I don’t care about things like you, but the compensation should be no less.”
Xu Feng was a little annoyed, what’s this called?
He doesn’t care about hurting someone, but he has to pay for compensation.
He couldn’t help but sneer: “Want money? How much do you want?”
“I have done a rough calculation, 80 million, the money has arrived, I will let you go, but the money is not enough, sorry, I planted vegetables outside the suburbs, and I still have shortcomings and waste.”
Xu Feng’s eyes shrank, and only felt a cold sweat on his back.
“Do you dare to kill me?”
“Do you think you are better than Zhou Hua? He has become a waste.”
Hearing these words, Xu Feng suddenly lost his temper, and was trembling with fright. Zhou Hua was actually planted in this person’s hands. Was he really pulled as a waste?
“80 million…” Xu Feng gritted his teeth. All his assets, the cash that can be exchanged now, is almost 80 million. Jiang Ning is going to clean him all over!
“My rule is this, now it is 80 million, in one minute it will be 85 million, then 90 million, plus 5 million in one minute,”
Jiang Ning took out his phone and glanced at the time, “Thirty seconds have passed.”
Xu Feng was so angry that he almost vomited blood!
“You…you are too arrogant!”
Xu Feng was furious.
Brother Gou raised his hand and slapped Xu Feng directly to the ground, and said fiercely, “Talk to my big brother, be polite!”
“Fifty seconds.”
Jiang Ning continued to say lightly.

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