Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 195

Xu Feng was anxious and angry. He could see that Jiang Ning really dared to do it!
Zhou Hua had the support of the northern forces behind him. He said that it would be destroyed, and there would be no mercy at all.
Xu Feng really panicked. He didn’t expect that there are such terrible people in the East China Sea. Huang Yuming is simply a cover.
He was shocked suddenly, could it be said that Huang Yuming left on purpose?
Is it to let those people in the provincial capital relax their vigilance, and then enter the East China Sea?
“One minute has passed, now it’s 85 million, and it won’t work for a minute.”
Jiang Ning looked down at the time and ignored Xu Feng.
“You believe it?”
Xu Feng felt a pain in his heart, “As long as I pay the compensation, you won’t care about me?”
“Of course, I am an honest person.”
Jiang Ning looked up at him, “Twenty seconds have passed.”
Your fucking time is going too fast!
Xu Feng shouted in his heart, ignoring so much and hurriedly said: “I will pay!”
He just wants to live now. As for money, as long as people live, they can earn it back. Moreover, when Jiangning dies, he can come back again. He will definitely double the money if he is blackmailed away by Jiangning. come back.
“He is a business man.”
Jiang Ning nodded, “Agou, give him the account of the underground bank, and within an hour, he will send it to the suburbs to make fertilizer.”
Xu Feng was terrified, this guy was so cruel, he just used people to make fertilizer.
He didn’t dare to hesitate anymore, he immediately dialed the phone and asked his financial steward to collect 85 million in the fastest time and send all the money to the account of the underground bank.
Now, nothing is more important than his life!
Forty minutes, the efficiency is fairly high.
Brother Gou told Jiang Ning the received information.
“Boss Xu is a straightforward person, I like it.”
Jiang Ning glanced at him, “I’m also talking about it. I don’t care about you hurting my brother.”
Xu Feng breathed a sigh of relief.
“But, Agou, they care about it, I don’t know.”
Hearing this, Xu Feng was stunned, and immediately yelled: “My day, your grandmother, you fucking cheat me! You are so mean! Let me go! Let me go!”
Jiang Ning picked up the phone and began to read novels, while Ge Gou walked over and took Xu Feng to the backyard. Hearing the screams from the backyard, there were more than a dozen of Xu Feng’s subordinates, one by one. Tingling!
Too ruthless!
After that, they were taken away one by one, hurting my brother, and still want to live?
Make the fucking manure!
Not long after, Brother Gou came back.
“Brother, they are all tied up, and they are thrown at the door of the game. None of these people have clean hands.”
Jiang Ning nodded. He didn’t let Brother Gou and their hands get blood right now. To deal with these people in the underground circle, just send their crime evidence and people directly to the bureau.
“Brother who is injured, give 100,000 yuan to each person to comfort him and heal his injuries.”
“Brother, this is what they should do.”
Brother Gou hurriedly said, now that Huang Yuming’s arrangement is so, the income for everyone is really not low, not only that, but there is no need to be as worried as before. They dare to go home and dare to give the money to the family.
“This is the rule, you can’t let the brothers get hurt in vain.”
“In addition, the old roads on the west side of the city are too bad. The remaining 80 million yuan will be used to build roads for the people over there to travel.”
The money was obtained by Xu Feng and others using various despicable means. Jiang Ning would not be polite to take it back. If he took it back, he would naturally make the best use of it and not waste it.

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