Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 198

The night is vast, and there are not too many cars on the provincial road. Several big men are leading people, and the front and rear fleets are magnificent, which makes people feel scared to look at.
Suddenly, the leading car sounded a horn, and the cars behind started to brake and slow down one after another.
There was a barricade in front with red lights flashing.
The car stopped, and soon someone got off to check the situation, but suddenly, the lights of several cars turned on at the same time, and both sides of the road suddenly became bright.
Many people stood on this clearing ground, and the leader was Brother Gou!
In a car, Jiang Ning lighted a cigarette and saw that the people from the provincial capital had arrived, so he put it down and exhaled a puff of smoke, and said, “I’m here so late?”
Seeing this scene, the charter and others were shocked, and there were people waiting for them!
People in Donghai City, know that they will all come?
“get off!”
The regulations yelled, and all the people brought by him got out of the car.
The same is true for several other bigwigs.
Several bigwigs of the regulations walked ahead, with a touch of disdain and solemnity on their faces.
“How dare you come to stop us, I really don’t know how to die!”
Zhang Dapao, who took the lead, brought the most people this time, and his aura was the strongest. “Who is pretending to be a ghost there? Get out of me!”
Brother Gou didn’t speak, and gently opened the car door, Jiang Ning walked out.
Lin Wu’s eyes suddenly shrank, and the intense hatred gleamed, and he couldn’t wait to kill Jiang Ning directly!
“Welcome some big bosses from the provincial capital to invest in Donghai City,”
Jiang Ning said indifferently, “It’s just that you are too slow in coming. It’s been a long time for you.”
“who are you?”
Zhang Dapao sneered, “Huang Yuming is not here, so any cat or dog is qualified to talk to me?”
In Brother Gou’s eyes, murderous intent surged instantly, dare to talk to the eldest brother like this, and look for death!
“Agou, treat the guests with courtesy. They came to send money to Donghai. We should express our gratitude.”
“yes, Sir.”
Brother Gou knows that Jiang Ning is not a polite person. He asked clearly today that there is still a bridge and three roads to be repaired. The funding gap is two hundred million yuan, and he will take it from these people tonight.
Then just barely be polite to them.
“Big brother?”
The constitution and others changed their faces.
“You are Jiangning?”
Seeing Lin Wu nodded, he immediately said in a cold voice.
“it’s me.”
“Huh, I thought it was three-headed and six-armed, how capable, it doesn’t look good in the past,”
The charter sneered, “You have also seen how many people are here today, and only with more than 30 people like you, still want to stop us?”
“I advise you not to die, and get out of the East China Sea obediently, and you can spare your life, otherwise…huh!”
The other big guys also looked condescending, thinking that there was an ambush. As a result, with just over 30 people, Jiang Ning really thought that relying on these 30 people, he could stop them more than 300 people?
“Brother, wait for this person’s life, I want it!”
Lin Wu lowered his voice.
The rest of the people are also a little bit ready to move. They can be dealt with before entering the East China Sea, and things will go smoothly.
If they knew it was so simple, why would they have been so jealous for so long, waited so long before they started doing it, and there was no need to do it together.
Jiang Ning glanced around and suddenly smiled.
“You guys, are you in such a hurry to die?”
“Don’t talk nonsense with him! Come on! Kill them, this piece of cake in the East China Sea is ours!”
Zhang Da Pao didn’t have so much patience, so he roared, and the people behind him rushed out immediately.
Jiang Ning did not move, leaned against the car door, lit another cigarette, squinted his eyes, and looked at the crowd.
“Big Brother.”
“Leave a few people to drive.”

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