Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2

Hearing the sound, Lin Yuzhen trembled.
She raised her head and looked at Lin Xiao who was standing above. This grandpa seemed to have never cared about her since childhood.
Even when she was born, Lin Xiao didn’t even take a look, because she was a girl.
Now, he has to choose a husband for himself and decide his life.
Lin Yuzhen’s chest rose and fell. She was angry and helpless. She opened her mouth to resist. Suddenly seeing Lin Wen sitting in a wheelchair, she shook her head, her eyes filled with prayers.
She still did not speak.
“Everyone, after the selection of our Lin family, we chose the most outstanding one from a dozen outstanding suitors to become Yuzhen’s husband. I hope that the two newcomers can receive your blessings!”
After Lin Xiao had finished speaking, there was applause from the audience.
Lin Yu really heard that this was just mocking her, even sympathizing with her.
Her eyes were reddish, and she was holding back the tears she was about to shed.
“Dad, this is the person.”
Lin Qiang took out a delicate card and handed it to Lin Xiao with the name they chose last.
They have long since found out that this guy has no background and is an orphan. Not only is he over thirty years old, he has low education, no education, no special skills, and he is still a vagrant. It can be said that he is extremely incompetent.
Moreover, there are intermittent psychosis.
I heard that this is inherited!
In this way, as long as he and Lin Yuzhen are married, it is not just that Lin Yuzhen has nothing to do with the Lin family’s industry, Lin Yuzhen’s child, also don’t want to take a penny from the Lin family!
Lin Qiang glanced at Lin Yuzhen’s family who was sitting there, a trace of triumph flashed across his face.
“Next, I will announce the final candidate!”
Lin Xiao’s presbyopia was a little unclear, he narrowed his eyes, took a serious look, and said, “This lucky young man, Jiang Ning!”
Immediately, everyone turned their heads and looked towards the back door of the hotel.
Of course, those who enter the family can only walk through the back door.
At this moment, the back door opened and a young man stepped in.
Lin Wen and his wife couldn’t bear to look.
They knew that the eldest brother would only choose the most incompetent person to be Lin Yu’s real husband.
Lin Yuzhen turned her head, she wanted to see who it would be, who was about to become her husband.
Jiang Ning raised his head, the two people looked at each other and were speechless.
He walked straight ahead, everyone looked at him, just the expression on his face, apart from mockery, was gloating.
“Jiang Ning, congratulations, stand out and become Lin Yu’s true husband and the son-in-law of my Lin family.”
Lin Qiang said, “You don’t need to thank us, I just hope you can treat Yuzhen well in the future.”
In his opinion, the Lin family gave Jiang Ning a home for the wandering orphan, which is a great kindness.
Lin Qiang walked up to Lin Yuzhen and took her hand gently, his face full of concern.
“Yuzhen, come.”
He took Lin Yuzhen’s hand, led her to Jiang Ning, and solemnly placed her hand on Jiang Ning’s.
In this scene, the guests applauded again, as if it were a happy engagement banquet.
But the Lin Wen family knew that everyone was just watching their jokes!
Tomorrow, the entire Donghai City will know that Lin Yu really has an incompetent home-to-door husband, which will become a joke for them after dinner.
Lin Yuzhen’s mind was blank, and his whole person seemed to be hollowed out.
She can’t seem to hear or see, or even know when the banquet is over.
As soon as the banquet was over, Su Mei left in tears, and Lin Wen had to roll his wheelchair to chase.
At the entrance of the hotel, the wind blew on his face, Lin Yu really woke up.
Seeing Jiang Ning standing next to her, she was expressionless, but her voice was a little hoarse.
“Uncle, I don’t blame you.”
She whispered, “You are also a poor man.”
Jiang Ning is ten years older than her. She calls Uncle, which seems to be more suitable.
Jiang Ning did not speak.
He didn’t speak from start to finish.
The person in front of me is the girl from fifteen years ago. She is still so kind.
Even in this situation, even if she was wronged, she still accepted it in order for her parents to have a good life.
“Yo, cousin, congratulations.”
Suddenly, a person walked out of the gate and said with a smile, “Congratulations, you have an excellent husband!”
The word excellent, deliberately bite very hard, full of sneers.
Lin Yuzhen frowned, bit her lip lightly, glanced at Lin Feng, and clenched her fists.
“My dad, they were so broken for your lifelong event,”
Lin Feng sighed, “It’s fine now, you finally have a destination, my uncle can rest assured.”
After that, regardless of Lin Yu’s pale face, he turned his head and glanced at Jiang Ning.
This incompetent son-in-law was found by his father Lin Qiang, and he couldn’t help but laugh when he thought of the information.
Humans can actually waste to this point.
“Brother-in-law, when you enter the Lin family’s door, you have to treat my sister well,”
Lin Feng gloated with misfortune, “Having a baby earlier, grandpa will be happy too.”
“No matter what you are born with, even if you are a fool, my Lin family can still afford it.”
Lin Yu couldn’t bear it anymore, “Lin Feng, are you saying enough?”
“Yuzhen, I’m blessing you all.”
Lin Feng said, “Grandpa said, I hope you will have a baby soon. I think, when you go back tonight, you will take care of the matter.”
If this was born a fool, it would be even more funny.
Lin Yuzhen raised his hand, and Lin Feng suddenly straightened his face.
“Why, do you still want to do it?”
Lin Yuzhen bit his lip, angrily and aggrieved.
She dares to beat the eldest grandson of the Lin family today, and tomorrow their family will be driven out of the Lin family!
In the eyes of Lin Xiao’s grandfather, only the grandson is a member of the Lin family, she… is not qualified at all.
Seeing Lin Yu really put down his hand, Lin Feng was even more proud.
Since he was young, he was the only one who bullied Lin Yu, and Lin Yu really didn’t want to get a little bit of bargain from him.
“I’m doing it for your own good, you still don’t appreciate it.”
Lin Feng sighed deliberately, “Your father had been disabled for so many years. If it weren’t for the Lin family to raise, your family of three would have starved to death. Now you are still trying your best to find a husband for you. If you are not grateful for Dade, you still want to beat me.”
“If Grandpa knows that you want to hit me, the consequences…”
Lin Yuzhen’s body was trembling.
She looked at Lin Feng angrily, how could people be so shameless!
She turned to leave, but Lin Feng still stopped her.
“Yuzhen, this is Grandpa’s decision. If you are not satisfied, just talk to him.”
Lin Yu was really wronged and wept, and his anger was extremely angry.
“What do you want to do now?”
Suddenly, Jiang Ning, who had not spoken, spoke up.
Lin Yuzhen raised his head, glanced at Jiang Ning, and blurted out.
“I just want to slap him!”
As soon as the voice fell, there was clear applause, Lin Feng covered his face, and fell to the ground before he even screamed.
There was a burning pain on his face before he realized it. This slap was on his face!
It was Jiang Ning!
Lin Feng was shocked, and Lin Yu was really shocked.
Jiang Ning actually dared to beat Lin Feng?
He is just a door-to-door son-in-law!
Suddenly, Lin Yu was so scared that his face turned pale.
Lin Summit killed Jiang Ning!
“Why do you listen to me?” Lin Yu really moved his lips.
“Because, now you are my wife.”
Jiangning Road.

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