Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 201

Brother Gou and the others haven’t lost their sense because they are too excited, leaving them with a few people with sound arms and legs to drive.
The others, either with broken hands or feet, as if stuffed with rubbish, all squeezed back into their cars.
Looking at the taillights of the car running away, Jiang Ning waved his hand: “Welcome to come again.”
Who dare to come?
The cars of the regulations and others are fully powered and the accelerator pedaled to the end, wishing to take off and stay away from the group of demons in Jiangning!
Those who have not yet arrived in the East China Sea or the provincial capital, the whole army has been wiped out, and every big brother has lost 50 million!
They came to make money, but they didn’t even enter the borders of the East China Sea, and instead they lost their troops and money.
Not only did they lose money, but their elites are now all interrupted. For their strength, it is a great loss. If they are known by other provinces, it will definitely be a disaster!
What a shame!
But who dares to speak out?
They must also block the news, otherwise they may soon attract outside enemies, not only can they not hold their own territory, but may even lose their lives.
This is a big win!
Brother Gou and the others were still excited, and they became more aware of how terrifying the training Jiang Ning designed for them.
Two months ago, they absolutely didn’t dare to think that with 30 people, they would be able to beat more than 300 people back.
And now, they feel that their limits are more than that!
Jiang Ning at this moment is the god in their hearts!
“I made another bridge, three roads, thank these big guys.”
Jiang Ning confessed to Brother Gou to handle the matter well, and asked him to take the brothers back to rest, and then went home by himself.
For him, this is nothing at all.
It’s just a small scene.
When I got home, it was almost eleven o’clock, and Lin Yuzhen had just returned home from get off work.
After taking a shower, she changed into a cotton pajamas, with Mickey Mouse in front of her, and she was still reading the company’s report.
Hearing Jiang Ning’s return, she turned her head: “I came back so late today?”
“Worry about me?”
Jiang Ning smiled, “I thought you might be hungry, so I went to the food court and wanted to bring you something delicious.”
Lin Yu really took a look: “How delicious is it?”
“Mom said eating midnight snack at night is not good for my stomach, I have to listen to my mother.”
Jiang Ning’s face was not red and heartbeat, “I will take a bath first.”
Before Lin Yu really had time to sip him, Jiang Ning ran away.
This bastard is clearly lying.
She didn’t bother to care so much, and continued to concentrate on her report.
After coming back from the shower, Jiang Ning dried his hair, climbed onto the bed naturally, got into the quilt, only exposed his head, staring at Lin Yuzhen, who was still busy.
“Wife~ It’s time to sleep.”
Lin Yu really didn’t look back.
“My wife, staying up late is bad for your skin.”
Lin Yuzhen turned his head and glanced, blushing suddenly, “You, why did you climb onto my bed!”
She felt that her voice was a little loud, and the next few words immediately lowered her tone, for fear of being heard by Su Mei and the others.
“The sleeping floor is cold.”
Jiang Ning looked pitiful, “It’s better to sleep in a warm bed. I’ll warm up your bed for your wife. Come on.”
Lin Yuzhen blushed, and her heartbeat was extremely fast. She didn’t know what to say for a while, and she didn’t even dare to look at Jiang Ning.
This guy wants to…do something?
Looking at the time, it was almost twelve o’clock, and it was indeed impossible to stay up late.
She turned off the desk lamp, walked to the bed lightly, pursing her lips, watching Jiang Ning occupy half of the space, and sleeping on her own, two people will inevitably meet…

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