Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 203

In the backyard of the mask club, he still sits in the pavilion.
It’s just that Master Fu hasn’t played chess, sitting there frowning slightly, it has been some time.
Can Jian sat opposite him, also silent.
The wind blew gently, and there was sparkling in the pond not far away.
“I didn’t expect it.”
After a long time, Master Fu spoke, “This kid is so powerful.”
It completely exceeded his imagination.
“It’s really amazing. Three months ago, those thirty people were nothing but rubbish.”
Can Jian said lightly, “Of course, looking at it now, it’s just garbage with a better color.”
He didn’t say that if he can improve so much in three months, the future path is not just to this step, but which step he will take depends entirely on the man.
“Sure there is no northern background?”
Master Fu asked again. Unlike him, he would ask twice about one thing.
“There is only one surname Jiang in the north, but there is no such kid, so the false name he used is not excluded,”
Can Jian didn’t say in his heart that the real master would disdain to use false names, “Are you worried, he came for us?”
I have to think about this.
“The fighting in the north, the one behind us, is not in a good situation now,”
Master Fu sighed, “Someone wants to replace me, it’s normal.”
At that level of power contest, he couldn’t get in at all, let alone speak.
Don’t look at him calling for the wind and rain in Tianhai Province, but in front of that person, he is just a spokesperson. To put it harshly, he is just an old dog.
Now the sudden rise of a Jiangning in the East China Sea, the elderly Fu had to suspect that someone wanted to replace him.
Can Jian frowned slightly: “I will kill him!”
Master Fu shook his head: “Don’t be impulsive, it’s still not clear whether it is an enemy or a friend.”
What’s more, Can Jian said that Jiang Ning’s strength is not weaker than him, even if he can kill Jiang Ning, I am afraid that Can Jian will lose half of his life. Fu Ye didn’t want that.
As for whether it is an enemy or a friend, Master Fu knows that he may not be an enemy, but it is certainly difficult to become a friend.
“Old Zhao.”
Master Fu shouted, but Steward Zhao, who was standing outside the pavilion, took two steps forward, “Tell me about the situation.”
Steward Zhao is the eyes of Lord Fu. What happens in the entire Tianhai Province, he will get information from the clubhouse and tell Lord Fu.
“Donghai City has undergone great changes now. The above-ground circles and the underground circles have become tacitly compatible. Whether it is economic development or the order of the underground circles, it is amazing.”
“As the person behind the scenes, Jiang Ning basically did not show up, but represented by Huang Yuming, what he is doing now makes people unable to see through.”
Master Fu and Can Jian looked up at the same time, a trace of curiosity flashed in their eyes.
“They don’t have any gray industries, they all switch to serious business. They make money except to feed their people. They donate everything to build schools, libraries, parks, and help many people in need.”
Master Fu’s eyes shrank slightly, and Can Jian’s face was even more surprised.
They have never heard of this kind of thing. Would people in the underground circle do this kind of thing?
Who can make money just to do good, to hide from others.
“Master Fu, they are not hiding people’s eyes and eyes. They have been doing these things all the time.” Guanjia Zhao understood Master Fu and knew his doubts, and said with a smile, “This time they wanted to go to the East China Sea to seize the site. Not only did they not get any benefits, they were also by Jiang Ning. Take away more than 200 million!”
“However, Jiang Ning used this money to build roads and bridges.”

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