Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 205

Can Jian’s eyes narrowed, this is a rebellious thing!
Change to be someone else, as soon as you say something, you are already dead at the moment!
“Then I will be waiting for you in the provincial capital.”
He didn’t say anything else. Hearing what Jiang Ning said, he knew that Jiang Ning agreed.
Can Jian came quickly and left quickly, and only said a few words from beginning to end.
Jiang Ning was still standing by the lake, almost finished smoking the cigarette in his hand.
It wasn’t until I couldn’t feel the breath of Can Jian, that Brother Gou cautiously walked out, his face was full of vigilance, and even more vigilant to the extreme!
When I found Can Jian, Brother Gou was really terrified!
Even if he is good at it now, he knows that once a master like Can Jian makes a move, he can’t hold on for even a second.
Therefore, he immediately summoned everyone, not daring to slack in the slightest, for fear that Can Jian was here to trouble Jiang Ning.
Unexpectedly, Can Jian was only here to invite Jiang Ning to the provincial capital?
“Brother, you can’t go to the provincial capital!”
Brother Dog looks serious.
That is the Tiger’s Den in Longtan, where Master Fu has been entrenched for more than 20 years, and there is also the terrifying god of murderer Canjian!
“In this world, there is no place I can’t go.”
Jiang Ning laughed and looked back at Brother Dog, “Are you nervous?”
Brother Gou can’t laugh or cry, can you not be nervous, the one just now, but one person crushed the entire underground circle of Tianhai Province, a cruel person who couldn’t lift his head!
“Train well, in the future, you will not be worse than him.”
Jiang Ning didn’t say much, but after losing his cigarette butt, he turned and left.
Brother Gou shook his body first, and then his breathing became rapid.
Isn’t it weaker than Canjian, the killing god?
As long as you train well?
Brother Gou took a deep breath, and he couldn’t believe it, but Jiang Ning said this!
It was their god who said it!
He understood in an instant, Jiang Ning hadn’t cared about Can Jian at all.
“It’s all gone!”
Brother Gou waved his hand, as if talking to the air.
He understood that if Can Jian didn’t want him to find out, he would definitely not be able to find out.
Can Jian made him discover his whereabouts, so even if 30 of them were there, they would definitely not be able to stop Can Jian!
Jiang Ning went upstairs, Lin Yu was really busy driving.
He didn’t disturb the lady’s work, sat on the sofa, and played with his mobile phone.
It didn’t take long before the phone rang, and Jiang Ning couldn’t help being amused when he looked at the number.
“Su Yun, it’s me,”
This girl was really anxious, so she called directly, “Well, I’ll send someone to pick you up.”
After hanging up the phone, Jiang Ning called the third child again. Lin Wen didn’t need a car at the moment, so he asked him to pick up Su Yun in the county.
The county seat of Sujia.
Su Yun, who put down the phone, was still a little excited.
She still had classes today, but she asked for leave in advance, so she wanted to play two more days in the provincial capital.
“You kid, what are you doing to bother Yu?”
Mother Su blamed, “She is now the general manager of the Lin Group, how busy she is.”
“Mom, I asked my sister, and my sister said that my brother-in-law is not busy, and asked my brother-in-law to take me to the provincial capital.”
Su Yun blushed.
Jiang Ning was more than not busy. In Lin Yuzhen’s eyes, he was too idle. He always lifted his legs leisurely when he was busy. Lin Yu couldn’t bear it. He had to find something to do for him.
“Nonsense! Jiang Ning looks like someone doing big things, how could he not be busy?”
Su’s mother glared at Su Yun, “You, you, you have to be a little bit obedient in the East China Sea. Can’t you trouble Jiang Ning, you know!”
My own daughter looks good and sensible, but she is still a child after all, she is naughty in her bones, and she has to explain a few words.
“Well, don’t worry, Mom, I just go to the provincial capital to see which university environment I like.”
Su Yun nodded seriously.
She listened to the advice Jiang Ning gave. She didn’t want to be too far away from home, so she naturally chose a university in the provincial capital. From a professional point of view, it was similar, depending on which environment she liked.
She felt more and more that this brother-in-law was very interesting.

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