Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 207

The Lin family has so much money now?
Thirty cars, that’s 15 million!
Did Jiang Ning just give it away?
Su Hong opened her mouth, her lips trembling, thinking in her heart, why didn’t they send a car to her family? They are still relatives.
She turned her head and glanced at Su Yun’s mother: “Brother and sister…”
“I’m going to buy groceries, eldest sister, you are free.”
Su Yun’s mother didn’t respond when she saw Su Hong’s regretful look, but she said in her heart that she made you look down on Su Mei’s family. Now you regret it?
Sitting in the car, Su Yun was a little excited. This was the second time she went to Donghai. The last time she went, when she was in elementary school, she went to Su Mei’s house to pay New Year’s greetings.
Then Lin Wen was crippled in a car accident, and the family situation took a turn for the worse. Su Gang was afraid that too many people would go, and Su Mei had to spend a hospitality, so he didn’t let Su Yun go.
Even he visited Lin Wen twice just to help Su Mei and came back without eating.
“The Big Three, is my sister busy?”
“Director Lin has been very busy recently, and both of them are busy.”
The Lin Group is now developing rapidly, and Lin Wen and Lin Yuzhen are in charge of too many things, almost too busy.
“Oh~ Then when I went to the provincial capital, my brother-in-law took me there.”
Su Yun nodded and chuckled, “Sister Yuzhen said, brother-in-law is not busy.”
The third child just smiled. He didn’t dare to say that Jiangning was more than busy. He was too idle. Drinking tea and snacks at Lin Yuzhen’s office every day made Lin Yu really irritating.
However, the real boss is Jiang Ning.
The third child sent Su Yun to Lin Yuzhen’s house, and Su Mei had been waiting at home early.
Su Yun got out of the car and threw himself into Su Mei’s arms, like a clingy little fairy, “It’s been a long time since I saw you!”
“Is it a year?”
Su Mei smiled and touched Su Yun’s head, “Oh, it’s taller.”
“Come in!”
She beckoned and looked at the third child again, “The third child also comes in for tea and rest.”
“Aunt Su, it’s okay. Come in. I should go back to the company. Uncle Lin will use the car later.”
The youngest smiled, waved, and drove away.
The room is not big, it is still the way it used to be, Su Yun has the impression.
“You girl, the college entrance examination is going to happen in a blink of an eye,”
Su Mei opened a bottle of drink for her, “Do you want to apply to which university?”
“Not yet, this time I went to the provincial capital, I just wanted to see which school I like more,” Su Yun took a sip, then took Su Mei’s arm, “There is no good university in Donghai, otherwise I will come to Donghai to study. !”
“It’s great to study in Donghai University, I can come to my sister’s house often to play.”
Su Mei thought to himself, why doesn’t this East China Sea have a good university?
Fortunately, she didn’t say it in front of Jiang Ning, otherwise Jiang Ning would really take it to heart and give Donghai a good university.
“Don’t worry, the provincial capital is not far away. Tomorrow, Jiang Ning will take you to the provincial capital and choose a university you like before applying for the exam.”
Lin Yu really told Su Mei about these things.
Su Mei got up and said, “You watch TV yourself first, I’m going to get some food, and I will give you some greedy cats at night, and make good food!”
She pointed her finger at Su Yun and shut her mouth. Su Yun immediately responded with a grin, “I actually came here to eat sister-in-law’s food!”
“Little flatterer!”
Su Mei entered the kitchen, and Su Yun sat on the sofa watching TV, thinking where to live at night?
She doesn’t want to stay in a hotel, but Su Mei’s house only has two rooms. If Lin Yuzhen is not married, she can still sleep with Lin Yuzhen, but there is still Jiangning now. They can’t. They should sleep with Jiangning.
Thinking of this, Su Yun couldn’t help blushing, feeling even more curious, wondering if Lin Yu really slept with Jiang Ning.
Aunt Su Hong seemed to say that the two were just fake marriages.

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