Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 208

When it was time to get off work, Jiang Ning and the others came back, rarely working overtime.
“Little uncle!”
“Sister Yuzhen!”
Su Yun’s mouth was sweet, and when he saw three people, he immediately shouted.
Lin Wen nodded: “It’s been a long time since I saw girl Su Yun, she’s all grown up like this.”
“She has the college entrance examination right away, Dad.”
Lin Yuzhen passed by, and the two were not much different in age, but there was time to talk, but Jiang Ning just nodded and sat on the sofa to watch TV.
When women are chatting, never interrupt, this is definitely a wise decision.
Su Mei made a table of delicious dishes, and welcomed Su Yun, the girl. After the meal, Jiang Ning watched Su Yun follow Lin Yuzhen into the house, and was flabbergasted.
If Su Yun wants to live here at night, he can only really sleep with Lin Yu, what about himself?
“Jiangning, if you feel wronged at night, sleep on the sofa.”
Lin Yuzhen poked his head out, his face flushed slightly, as if revealing that he was already sleeping on the same bed with Jiang Ning.
She stuck out her tongue, handed him Jiang Ning’s pajamas, and said in a low voice: “I have to work hard to make money and buy a bigger house.”
Jiang Ning didn’t say a word, and silently told himself in his heart that it was only two nights, and every day after that, he would really sleep with Lin Yu in his arms.
As for buying a bigger house?
Jiang Ning is not bad at all. He can buy a villa anytime he wants to buy it, but he doesn’t want to buy it. Two rooms are just right, Lin Wensumei one, he and Lin Yuzhen are the same. If there are more rooms, he will definitely be rushed by Lin Yu. s room.
If you want to buy it, you have to wait until Lin Yu really doesn’t chase herself.
At night, Jiang Ning slept uncomfortably, even if the sofa was very soft, there was no scent from Lin Yuzhen’s body.
In the room, the two sisters huddled together and whispered.
“Sister, am I where my brother-in-law sleeps now?”
Su Yun asked in a low voice.
Lin Yuzhen hummed softly, his voice as soft as a mosquito.
If it hadn’t been for turning off the light, Su Yun would definitely see her face flushed like an apple.
“Have you…that already?”
Lin Yuzhen’s face became even redder, and she was very hot: “You girl, what are you talking about!”
She twisted Su Yun lightly and found that she had twisted it in the wrong place. She couldn’t help being surprised, how big it was, it seemed bigger than her own!
“Sister, I am eighteen, I am an adult!”
Su Yun stood up a little proudly, “If you don’t believe me, pinch it.”
Lin Yu really ignored her. Why did the little girl who was behind her ass suddenly grow so big? She suddenly became a little envious. Is it because her nutrition hasn’t kept up.
Will Jiangning dislike her being small?
I don’t know why, Lin Yuzhen had this idea in his mind.
The two sisters made a fuss for a while, and they talked a lot of whispers, completely irrelevant to their studies, Lin Yu really didn’t notice, Su Yun asked a lot about Jiang Ning.
When he got up in the morning, Jiang Ning glanced at Lin Yuzhen with a grimace, and Lin Yuzhen was even flushed, thinking of Su Yun asking her.
When a man and a woman sleep together, it is easy to wipe the gun and misfire. Su Yun said a few words and said some of the routines seen on the Internet. Lin Yu really blushed all night.
What kind of man is good at lying. I only hold you and promise not to do anything. Then I kissed him. Then he said, I will kiss and never touch him, and then I start to use my hands and feet.
I don’t know when the clothes are taken off. I still promise that I will only touch them and never go in. After I go in, I say I promise not to move…
Routines one after another!
Lin Yu really blushed so fast that he bleeds!
She didn’t even know that Su Yun had just grown up, how could she know so much, so much more than she knew!
Lin Yu really thought, Jiang Ning seemed to have reached the first step now.
“Why do you still sleep on the floor in the future?”

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