Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 210

“Lao Tzu, your mother, then tell me, how do you get revenge?”
The regulations yelled, “Do you dare to go to the East China Sea? Go! I have absolutely no objection!”
Lin Wu stopped talking.
He is going to Donghae?
Jiang Ning absolutely dared to save his life!
“It’s not just us, but the other big guys have also suffered a lot. Those who haven’t done it yet don’t dare to do it now.”
Gao Fei sighed and glanced around with a wry smile. The brother they could beat the most was now lying down and avenging his fart.
I heard that even Master Fu didn’t react. The underground circle of the provincial capital was almost overturned. He didn’t say a word, which made people even more afraid of Jiangning’s strength.
A group of people are angry, wronged, and unwilling, but they dare not say any more revenge. Anyway, in the East China Sea, they will not die in a short time.
“Big brother! Big brother! It’s not good!”
Suddenly, someone ran in outside the door.
Seeing that some people can still run normally, there is some comfort in the charter, and the whole army is not wiped out.
“What are you shouting! Your family is dead!”
The charter was in a bad mood, and he cursed, “What’s wrong!”
“East, East Sea…”
Hearing the words Donghai, the regulations, Lin Wu and Gao Fei, their bodies trembled and almost bounced.
“The people from Donghae are here!”
Hearing the second half of the sentence, the regulations turned pale, and immediately sat up, gritted his teeth and said, “Who is here? Who is from the East China Sea?”
“That night…”
“I’m coming.”
Before he finished speaking, Jiang Ning walked in with Brother Dog and Su Yun at the door.
Seeing Jiang Ning’s face again, the charter was first taken aback, and my heart trembled suddenly, and a panic of fear instantly spread in my heart.
Soon he realized that this is the fucking provincial capital!
It’s in its own territory!
Did Jiang Ning dare to come to the provincial capital to die?
Is he going to die?
“You dare to come to the provincial capital!”
The regulations roared, and he was even more excited. As soon as he said that he couldn’t go to the East to make a grievance, Jiang Ning came to the door by himself. Does he think he has lived too long!
“To come,”
Jiang Ning smiled lightly, “You have made such a great contribution to the construction of the East China Sea. I naturally want to come and visit you. How about it? How about your hands and feet?”
The regulations have never seen such an arrogant person!
I interrupted my hands and feet, and asked myself how are his hands and feet, he didn’t bully people so much.
“You… come here!”
The regulations sneered, their bones trembling, “Jiang Ning! You delivered it to the door yourself, so don’t blame me for being impolite!”
“Come on, surround me!”
A dozen people were still lying beside him, and the voices heard by people outside immediately rushed in, a total of more than fifty people.
Jiang Ning was still standing there, and Brother Dog was standing beside Su Yun, also expressionless, without the slightest worry.
“Since you came to die by yourself, you can’t blame me!”
The charter felt aggrieved and uncomfortable. He couldn’t wait to frustrate Jiang Ning. He thought that he could not go to the East China Sea and had no hope of revenge. He didn’t expect Jiang Ning to come to the door by himself.
Arrogance comes at a price!
He was about to give an order to directly maimed Jiang Ning when another voice came from outside.
“Big brother! Big brother! Butler Zhao is here!”
The charter body shook, Gao Fei and Lin Wu also looked at each other, and their faces flushed with excitement.
“Jiangning! You must die today! Butler Zhao is here!”
It must be Master Fu who knew that Jiang Ning was coming to the provincial capital, and he was going to kill Jiang Ning.
Arrogant, Jiang Ning, you continue to be arrogant!
This is the provincial capital, not a place where you can be arrogant!
The regulations laughed in excitement, staring at Jiang Ning eagerly, this is the end of arrogance.
Steward Zhao stepped in, but just glanced at a few people in the charter, walked quickly to Jiang Ning, arched his hands slightly, his face was politely smiled.
“Mr. Jiang, you are here.”

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