Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2103

In the yard, many people came, but Lin Yu was really embarrassed.
I accidentally slept for so long, so many people worry about themselves.
“It’s almost done, don’t be too tired, you just woke up, you need to rest first.”
Jiangning didn’t let Lin Yu really go for too long, so he asked Su Mei to help her upstairs to rest.
Now, nothing is more important than her health, and it takes time to recover, let alone being pregnant.
He knew that Ye Shan and others would come over, so he must have a lot to ask.
“In the deep mountains, there are indeed many things. The situation there is complicated and it is not so easy to solve.”
Jiang Ning was straightforward, “I came back this time to save Yuzhen, but I have to go back soon.”
Ye Shan and others’ complexions changed.
Jiang Ning has come back, and will he enter again?
“It’s about the safety of Zhongnanshan and the safety of our entire circle, so I must go back.”
Jiang Ning explained, “Someone is trying to open the gate and plunder resources outside this gate. I can’t let this happen.”
This is completely the division of two civilizations, cold weapons and hot weapons.
Those masters, one by one, have extraordinary skills, if they are allowed to come out, anyone with some unhealthy minds will make a mist outside the gate.
This is not something Jiang Ning wants to see.
The existence of the Green Mountain Sect is to guard the gate and stop all this from happening.
At least, today’s Green Mountain Sect has always adhered to the ancestral motto and the meaning of their existence.
Jiang Ning couldn’t just sit idly by.
“Are you going back alone?”
“Bring some people.”
Jiang Ning said, “I need help.”
This is the first time Jiang Ning has said this.
He glanced at Ye Shan and others: “Beyond the mountain gate, a few seniors still need to guard and make the last barrier. Within the mountain gate, I will go all out to build a stronger barrier. If I fail… ”
Jiang Ning had never said this before, because he did not believe in failure, let alone failure.
But now, even he didn’t dare to speak too much, especially in front of Ye Shan and others. Only when they all felt the sense of crisis, they would pay more attention.
“I told you the Ji Dao boxing method, you must seize the time to comprehend it. As for the map above, I will find a way to make things clear.”
Jiangning said, “Beyond the mountain gate, I beg you.”
“We understand.”
Hayama nodded.
“Then who are you going to bring in this time?”
Tan Xing asked.
He wanted to go in with Jiang Ning, even if he was older, he still wanted to do more.
“Agou and them.”
Jiangning Road.
Inside, it will be the real battlefield, the most suitable for them.
They have honed for so long, and only by stepping on this real battlefield can they completely transform!
And within that mountain gate, Brother Gou and the others can definitely shine!
Tan Xing nodded: “Then when will you go back?”
Jiang Ning has just returned and is leaving again.
Without further ado, even if Jiang Ning is reluctant, there is no way. Over there, Tianlianzong must have been preparing to do it, and Liuchuandao’s reaction even wants to send himself back, obviously because of the nine deaths of Qingshanzong!
Staying there by yourself would definitely be more ill-fortuned.
He doesn’t have much time.
Ye Shan and others didn’t say anything, and immediately left to make preparations.
When Jiang Ning returned to the room, Lin Yu really didn’t sleep, as if she was waiting for him.
She is a smart woman, she doesn’t know how to ask, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t know.
“come here.”
Lin Yu really smiled, beckoned, “touch and see.”
Jiang Ning put his hand on Lin Yuzhen’s belly, feeling a slight beating, and couldn’t help but surprise.
It’s fetal movement!
The little doll inside seemed to know that Jiang Ning was by his side and was excited.
“He is kicking me?”

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