Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 214

Jiang Ning walked in, but Manager Zhao stood at the door waiting, and did not follow up.
Master Fu wants to have tea and chat with Jiang Ning, he is not qualified to stand and listen.
Jiang Ning stepped in and saw the artificial lake in front of his eyes. The breeze blew by and the lake surface was sparkling, which immediately made people feel refreshed and happy.
In the pavilion by the lake, a man of about fifty years old was sitting there, skillfully burning incense and making tea, the fragrance of tea curled into Jiang Ning’s nose.
“You take the liberty to invite Mr. Jiang to come, and I hope you won’t be offended.”
Master Fu raised his head, but did not get up.
With his qualifications, there is indeed no need to get up to greet him, and Jiang Ning did not take it seriously.
Master Fu is very kind, looking at the Maitreya Buddha, he always has a gentle smile on his face. Anyone who sees this face for the first time will never think that it is entrenched in the provincial capital of Tianhai Province. A terrible figure in the circle for more than twenty years!
Jiang Ning smiled: “It’s an honor for me to be here for tea.”
He went straight into the pavilion and sat down. He was not at all polite, squinted slightly, and smelled, “It really is a good tea. It seems that it’s time for me to come.”
Not far away, Can Jian stood there with a cold face, like a block of ice that won’t melt forever.
He didn’t sit there together, just stood there, completely as a guard.
Master Fu poured a cup of tea for Jiang Ning and reached out to make a gesture of invitation. Jiang Ning nodded and tapped his finger twice on the table in return.
The warm tea is indeed a good tea. I am afraid it is still a treasure. People who do not have enough experience may not be able to brew such a good taste.
“Mr. Jiang is young and promising,”
Master Fu smiled while making tea, “Even people like me who can’t get out of the door have heard of it.”
“Oh? Isn’t it because you heard something bad about me?”
Jiangning Road.
“Now, no one should dare to say bad things about you, right?”
Master Fu asked rhetorically.
“Hard to say,”
Jiang Ning took a sip of tea and raised the corners of his mouth, “However, the one who speaks badly about me has only one chance in his life.”
Master Fu smiled, did not say anything, just continued to make tea, pour tea, and drink tea.
The two were relatively speechless for ten minutes.
The tea was drunk one after another, and the aroma gradually faded.
Master Fu didn’t ask Jiang Ning a little bit about the underground circle of the East China Sea, about Zhou Hua, about the provincial capital, Jiang Ning did not ask, even he did not even yell Fu Master, just as the person in front of him, a strange old tea drinker.
The tea is finished.
Master Fu raised his head, and then looked at Jiang Ning seriously.
He didn’t say anything, just nodded, and the approval and appreciation in his eyes made no secret of it.
Jiang Ning’s eyes met him, his eyes were peaceful, and his face was smiling. They couldn’t tell how they meant to each other.
“If you have time to go to the provincial capital, come to me for tea.”
After a while, Master Fu spoke, “I heard Can Jian said that you are worried that you will become addicted to drinking, so you worry too much about this.”
He didn’t say whether Jiang Ning would have the chance to drink addiction, or even if he was addicted, there would still be enough tea for Jiang Ning to drink. This kind of old fox would always only speak half of his words, and the remaining half would be meaningful.
“Okay, then I’m welcome.”
Jiang Ning got up and smiled, “Come back another day.”
After speaking, he nodded to Can Jian again, turned and left.
Master Fu looked at the teacup and was silent for a long time. The smile on his face gradually subsided, and then he became a little indifferent. He said calmly, “Not a friend.”
Can Jian’s eyes shrank suddenly.
“Then why don’t you let me kill him?”
This is an excellent opportunity. If you are seriously injured or even killed, you should be able to kill Jiang Ning!
“It’s not an enemy either.”
Master Fu said again.

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