Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 215

Master Fu could feel that Jiang Ning was not here for him.
Since it is not an enemy, even if it is not a friend, at least for a short time, there will be no pressure.
Jiang Ning was aggressive, too powerful, so powerful that Master Fu was a little jealous. He had never felt like this for so many years.
Can Jian did not speak.
For so many years, Jiang Ning is the only one who can make Master Fu treat it so carefully.
“Since it’s not from the north, we still have time.”
Master Fu sighed, “The beast next door has been staring at him for many years.”
Can Jianhan said: “They dare not step into my Tianhai Province!”
“Hehe, I didn’t dare before. It was because the strength of the two sides was balanced. There are people behind us, and there are people behind them. I have you by my side, and there are masters by him. You killed his brother. He has endured this hatred for five years.”
Master Fu smiled, “But now, how long can this balance be maintained?”
“You mean, this Jiangning will break the balance?”
Master Fu didn’t say any more.
This balance will be broken sooner or later. The resources of Tianhai Province, a large coastal province, are too tempting. He has been entrenched for more than 20 years, and he has not known how much money he has made for that family. Naturally, there are others who want to get a share of the pie.
Especially, the situation of the family is not good now. People who didn’t dare to do it before are not so afraid now.
What he worries most is that Jiang Ning is also aiming at this, but it seems that it is not.
The pressure in Master Fu’s heart eased slightly.
But the balance will be broken, and it is likely to be broken by Jiang Ning. He can guess that at that time, even if Jiang Ning is not an enemy, an enemy that has existed for many years will definitely counterattack fiercely!
At that time, blood will flow into a river, right?
Master Fu did not speak, and Can Jian did not continue to ask.
The two people have known each other for more than 30 years, and they have long been a deadly friendship. Even if they die, they won’t frown.
Kill when you come!
Kill it all!
His broken sword was already ready!

Brother Gou took Su Yun around several colleges, and he saw that Brother Gou wanted to go to college, but he knew that he was not that piece of material. He had exhausted his IQ by graduating from high school.
After coming out of school, Brother Gou received a call from Jiang Ning and asked them to wait here.
“You rest here, I’ll buy two bottles of water.”
Brother Gou smiled.
“Thank you Brother Dog.”
Su Yun is a girl who can speak well, has a good personality, and is very polite to Brother Dog, and does not treat him as Jiang Ning’s subordinate in the slightest.
The sun is a bit scorching right now, and Brother Dog is not afraid of thick skin, but a little girl like Su Yun can’t stand it.
There was some fine sweat on her forehead, and she flicked the broken hair around her ears with her hands. When the wind blew, her slightly flushed face looked pure and lovely.
“Little girl, waiting for someone?”
Suddenly, laughter came from his ears, and Su Yun turned his head and glanced, frowned slightly, ignoring him.
“Waiting for the lover? It’s not waiting for me, right.”
The young guys who walked by looked like they were dressed, they weren’t like students. They were probably just people who came to wander around the school, looking for opportunities to tease their girls.
Su Yun turned his head to ignore them, and still ignored them.
She met this kind of gangster when she was in school, and the more they dealt with them, the more they entangled.
“Are you a student of this business school?”
Several bullies laughed and looked up and down Su Yun. Although Su Yun had a thick spread, his figure could still be seen.
The most important thing is that pure and slightly immature face, these mixed oils are rarely seen on weekdays, “We are also students in this school, classmates, get to know, we will take you out to play.”

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