Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 216

“Let Kaikai do it?”
Su Yun frowned, “You are very rude.”
“Hahaha, polite?”
One of the bastards laughed, “Then I’ll be more polite.”
He suddenly laughed evilly, and said trivially: “Classmate, can I invite you to sleep? Hahahaha!”
Su Yun flushed immediately, “Shameless!”
“Who the fuck are you scolding?”
The bastard suddenly became annoyed, “Even I dare to scold? Now give you a chance to accompany me to drink, otherwise…”
“Otherwise, what do you want?”
Brother Gou held two bottles of water in his hand and walked over with his eyes narrowed.
He really didn’t see this kind of third-rate bastard.
Even if he hasn’t been trained by Jiangning, he can pick up ten of him in the East China Sea at this level of bastard!
“Yo, someone.”
Several bastards gathered around, “This bitch has provoke Lao Tzu, why, are you going to stand up for her?”
Brother Gou laughed.
He unscrewed the lid and handed the water to Su Yun: “You drink some water first, it’s a bit hot now, just wait a while.”
Jiang Ning is coming soon.
“Are you looking for death! I’m talking to you!”
The lead bastard rolled up his sleeves to do it.
Su Yun took two steps back obediently, and then Gou turned his head and glanced at them. Just these things, is it necessary for Jiang Ning to make a move?
“court death!”
Seeing the disdain and contempt in the eyes of Brother Gou, several people were annoyed. Four or five of them were afraid of one?
As soon as the voice fell, a few people rushed up, raising their fists without being polite: “Kill him!”
After four consecutive screams, the four bastards fell to the ground, clutching their stomachs, and couldn’t even scream out.
The intestines seemed to be knotted, and their brains were full of cold sweats.
Brother Gou looked down at them with eyes: “Who would dare to mess with things that don’t have eyes?”
The bastard who took the lead, grinning, his face flushed, and his body was trembling with pain. He couldn’t think of a person with a fist that could be so powerful.
“Do you know… do you know who my eldest brother is? Don’t leave if you have… the ability!”
Brother Gou glanced at him, he really couldn’t leave, Jiang Ning asked him to wait here.
He ignored it, and only when these rubbish did not exist, the bastard immediately took out his mobile phone. Although he was still lying on the ground, his face was grim: “You are dead!”
Do you want to be a hero in front of women?
I make you regret it!
A few bastards got up with difficulty, and stood not far away waiting for others. When they saw Brother Gou and Su Yun sitting leisurely there drinking water and eating snacks, they were even more frantic.
After waiting for a while, two vans galloped in and stopped directly, and a dozen burly men got out of the van.
The lead bastard suddenly became excited.
“Fourth brother! It’s just two of them! I said the fourth brother’s name, and they didn’t show any face, and they said that the older brother is a fart! How can this be tolerated!”
The bastard who took the lead immediately said angrily, “I can’t get mad, so I started with him. That kid has two things, so I have to ask the fourth brother to come!”
All the people who came were aggressive, with murderous faces. When they heard someone so shameless, their faces suddenly fell.
The fourth brother sneered and walked over, thinking not to interrupt the legs of these two people, where to put this face?
But when he just walked two steps closer, when he saw Su Yun’s face, he couldn’t help but his heart slammed.
How does this face seem to be seen somewhere?
The instruction in the impression is to run when you see this face, don’t offend it, even if you kneel down and beg for mercy, it doesn’t matter!

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