Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 220

In an instant, the eyes of Brother Gou and the others shrank sharply, and a chill rose in their backs.
Jiang Ning will not lie to them!
Many of them didn’t show anything on their faces, but they did feel a little airy in their hearts.
After all, they have never lost in this series of battles, and they won very beautifully!
This kind of tremendous stimulation makes them feel that they have become strong enough.
But when Jiangning’s cold water came down, they suddenly became sober.
“Remnant Sword!”
Jiang Ning shouted, “When 30 of you run into him, none of you can make a move!”
Brother Gou’s Adam’s apple slipped.
They had already sensed it that day when they followed Can Jian.
“Now you know what strength you are?”
Seeing the slightly bleak expressions on their faces, Jiang Ning knew these words and woke them up.
Brother Gou immediately took a step forward.
Jiang Ning threw out a set of blueprints: “Let the construction team complete the transformation in two days. The new training plan is more rigorous and cruel. Those who can’t stick to it can get out.”
He didn’t say much, and left the drawing.
And brother Gou and the others are boiling again!
The flame that has just been extinguished is burning again!
They knew that Jiang Ning did it for their own good, but didn’t want them to lose their lives in vain because of arrogance, and now they have designed a new training plan for them, hoping that they can become stronger.
Others don’t know, but Brother Gou knows that Jiang Ning’s requirement of them is to become 30 ferocious wolves, powerful enough to kill masters like Canjian alive!
“I did it!”

At that time.
provincial capital.
When Jiang Ning left, Master Fu was gone.
The news from the housekeeper Zhao was that Master Fu was suddenly seriously ill, and he can only recuperate quietly, and he does not want to be disturbed by anyone.
In a short period of time, not only Fu Ye, but also Can Jian’s whereabouts were unknown.
The two people seemed to have disappeared out of thin air, and there was no trace of them in the entire province.
The news spread very quickly like a plague.
It is also said that the news came from inside the mask club, saying that Master Fu was poisoned and almost lost his life, and the person who poisoned him has been cut in half by the Remnant Sword!
Hearing this news, the charter and others were shocked, and even more panicked.
Replied from their eyeliner, the news is likely to be true.
But Lord Fu didn’t just meet Jiang Ning, why was he suddenly poisoned?
Could it be that Jiang Ning did it? This is impossible! The news was about people who had been hidden inside the club for several years, but Jiang Ning had not yet appeared at that time.
The charter and others had to panic. The elite of their staff had just been cleaned up by Jiang Ning, and it was impossible to recover from the broken hand and foot in a short time.
There is no Master Fu in the provincial capital now, and the pressure outside has suddenly increased.
“What’s the matter, did Steward Zhao say it?”
The charter was anxious, “How could Lord Fu be poisoned? Who did it!”
Gao Fei gritted his teeth, his face pale: “Housekeeper Zhao closed the door and saw no one, and the mask club was temporarily closed. Someone saw that Can Jian took Fu Ye out of the provincial capital overnight, as if…hidden from an enemy, and was very flustered.”
The charter’s face is even more ugly.
He certainly knew that Master Fu had made many enemies for so many years, especially the one from Linhai Province, who had five brothers, but he was killed by the sword and became three brothers!
This hatred is not shared.
Master Fu was poisoned, probably because of that person’s handwriting. Now that Master Fu is dying, can that person bear it?

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