Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 227

The underground circle of the provincial capital of Tianhai Province is turbulent!
In just a week, people fell one after another, and there was not even a trace of resistance.
Obedient, can still be a dog, and live well, even without dignity and status, but at least life.
As for those who resisted, Lu Qian didn’t keep a single one, and all of them were thrown into the sea to feed the fish!
Suddenly, not only the underground circles changed their colors when they heard Lu Qian’s name, but even some forces in the ground circles already knew that the underground circles of the provincial capital had changed their masters.
The once aloof Master Fu was gone if he didn’t.
Before the two families of the Jin family and the Yu family had come to act quickly, they realized that their plans needed to be changed.
Yu Fang personally found the Jin family, sought cooperation, and dealt with the Lin Group and Jiang Ning together.
They wanted to pay a certain price in the name of the Jin family and asked Master Fu to take action to severely suppress Jiang Ning and further destroy the Lin Group, but they didn’t expect that Master Fu was gone before they could do it.
The whereabouts of the terrifying murder god was also unknown, making them really frightened, and they felt the horror of the underground circle more and more.
“Since the underground circle of the provincial capital is not in charge of Master Fu now, let’s go to the person who is in charge. I think he will be very welcome.”
There are more dealings with people in the underground circle, and Yu Fang obviously knows more.
“They just arrived in Tianhai Provincial City, so naturally they have to stand firm. With the support of my Yu family and Jin family, I think that one will agree.”
“Are you sure?”
Jin Yang hesitated.
Their Jin family belonged to the above-ground circle in the provincial capital, and their reputation and status were fairly good. If they were too involved with the underground circle, it would not be a good thing.
Although Jin Ran was abandoned, he couldn’t swallow this breath and vowed to take revenge, but now that Jin Ran has found a way to heal his legs, he hesitated again.
“Patriarch Jin, do you think that with the status of the Jin family in the provincial capital, how can you win the Lin Group?”
Yu Fang sneered, “I didn’t offend you. Leader Zhang is already a regular visitor to the Lin family. Lin can easily enter the provincial capital for development. There is no doubt that the Jin family will be embarrassed.”
Jin Yang frowned.
“Patriarch Jin, my nephew is a bit straightforward. The Jin family and the Lin family are already incompatible. If they wait until they have a firm foothold in the provincial capital, it will be your Jin family that will be uncomfortable at that time!”
Jin Yang’s eyes flickered, and he looked at Yu Fang, “I understand naturally.”
“Therefore, it’s better to start first, and then to suffer. Patriarch Jin definitely knows this truth better than me!”
Yu Fang’s voice became cold, “If you don’t kill them, they will kill you!”
With his hideous look, Jin Yang couldn’t help but shudder all over!
“Besides, the provincial capital has changed. You Jin family, do you still want to be alone? If you don’t seize the opportunity to get on the boat, no one will know what will happen in the future.”
Yu put a few words to make Jin Yang no longer hesitate at all.
At the time, Master Fu, he had always deliberately kept a distance, just didn’t want to get too involved with the people in the underground circle.
Because of this, many businesses are not so good. On the contrary, Yu Jiayou has to let the younger generation, have the brain and mind, and take the initiative to contact the underground automatic people, so that Yu Jia has developed rapidly in just a few years.
Although it can’t be compared with the Jin family now, it’s still going to be changing, and the future is unpredictable.
“do you have any plans?”
Jin Yang asked.
“I know the son of the king in Linhai.”
The corner of Yu Fang’s mouth raised a touch of complacency.
He knew Lu Qian’s son, and it was just a one-sided bond. What kind of qualifications do people with such status and status have to make friends with him?
What’s more, Yu Fang knows that the young man is arrogant and domineering by nature, and has always been defiant. Now the underground circle of Tianhai Province is already their home, that young man will definitely come to Tianhai Provincial City to do his best!

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