Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 23

Moreover, this is not just a monopoly at all, they are completely deliberately blackmailing!
“Miss Lin, there is only one way for our materials to come in. They set up barricades to not allow outside materials to come in. If you want to buy, you can only buy theirs.”
The person in charge, Xiao Xu, looked helpless, “But the unit price of their materials is five times higher than the outside price!”
It is impossible for them to buy it. This is completely beyond the budget, and the group company will not approve it.
The construction of the plant is imminent, and the project has officially started. If the plant cannot be built in time, the loss will be too great.
No one can bear this responsibility.
“Who are they?”
Lin Yuzhen asked.
“I don’t know, it seems to have appeared suddenly.” Xiao Xu couldn’t help it.
He went to reason and was almost beaten, “I also called the police, but when the police came, they ran away, and when the police left, they continued to set up roadblocks. There was no way at all.”
It is impossible for the police to run back and forth all day long.
Lin Yu was really angry.
These people clearly came to make trouble on purpose.
A few days ago, a batch was driven away, and now another batch is coming. It seems that many people are staring at this project.
Lin Yu really didn’t know who it was, deliberately trying to ruin this project.
She was in the office, discussing countermeasures with several persons in charge, and Jiang Ning, who was standing at the door, turned into the car and left directly.
From the city to the factory, there is only one township road, which is not wide, but it is a must.
All construction materials needed for the plant must pass through here before being transported to the plant.
At this moment, on the half of the road, a sign was placed far away: the roadblock ahead, slow down.
But when they drive to the front, they don’t care about other vehicles. As long as they are transporting construction materials, they will be driven away and the driver will turn around and go off.
“Brother, I don’t think they can build this Lin’s factory for a few years.”
“Hey, nothing can be shipped in reinforced concrete and wood, what do they use to build it?”
“It’s not impossible, as long as we buy our materials, don’t we double it five or six times, they Lin has money!”
Several people set up a tent and sat on the side of the road, not allowing Lin’s materials to be carried in by a car.
“I heard that the fourth child is still in a coma?”
“That useless thing, let him do something, but it ended up by himself. The boss heard that he was very upset!”
“But who is that kid? Even our people dare to fight, don’t want to live anymore!”
Several people were chatting, and suddenly they saw a car speeding up in the distance.
It can be vaguely seen that it is a white BMW car, but the front of the car is so embarrassed that it has crashed into a disastrous state.
“Let him stop and ask who it is.”
The man who took the lead muffled his voice.
Several people immediately walked out, gestured with their hands, and asked Jiang Ning to slow down and stop.
Boom boom boom!
The roar of the car engine not only did not decelerate, but accelerated!
The faces of a few people suddenly turned pale.
“Stop! Stop!”
They were standing in front of the roadblock, and they had never seen anyone so crazy, how dare to bump into it directly.
But the person who came is not someone else, but Jiang Ning!
The BMW car ran into it directly, and several people were frightened!
The shelf used as a barricade was completely torn apart!
“Damn! Crazy!”
“Are you crazy!”
“This is murder!”
Several people fell to the ground, and their hearts almost jumped out.
If they react more slowly, they may be killed directly.
Not far away, when the car stopped, Jiang Ning walked over slowly. If a few people didn’t hit the same place, dare to stop?
I won’t kill you and write your name upside down!
“Get me here!”
“Fuck, I almost killed Lao Tzu, I want your life!”
“Fuck, come and kneel down to lose money!”
Several people clamored and walked directly towards Jiangning.
One of them stretched out his hand, trying to grab Jiang Ning’s clothes, and he snapped. He didn’t even see when Jiang Ning made the move. He felt his chest shook suddenly and clicked–
The bone is broken!
The screams sounded one after another!
But in the blink of an eye, the three fell directly to the ground, their hands and feet all broken!
The people still in the tent heard the sound and rushed out immediately, still holding a dagger in his hand.
“you wanna die!”
Jiang Ning watched him rush over, suddenly raised his hand and hit his nose with a fist. Suddenly, blood spattered!
The man’s face was almost sunken.
That kind of pain is simply indescribable!
“Who are you?”
The man held his nose, and blood shot out from between his fingers, “Do you know who we are!”
“I don’t care whose dog you are,”
Jiang Ning looked at a few people, and her voice was as cold as chills, “I only warned once. If I dare to influence the construction of Lin’s factory, I will die!”
After speaking, he turned into the car, turned around and left.
Watching Jiang Ning walk away, several people couldn’t even stand up, their hands and feet were all interrupted, and the terrifying aura exuding from Jiang Ning’s body made them hard to breathe!
It seemed that what they had just faced was not a person, but a tyrannosaurus!
Tyrannosaurus that can tear them to pieces easily!
“Quick! Go to the hospital! Quick!”
“Tell the boss! We have met a cruel mess!”

In the conference room, Lin Yu was really helpless and couldn’t think of a good way.
This group of people is too cunning, and they seem to have no other way other than compromise.
“No, I’ll talk to them.”
Lin Yu really got up, time was really delayed.
Once the progress is slow, the entire plan will have to be changed. The cost is too high, and she cannot afford the responsibility.
“No need to talk.”
Jiang Ning appeared at the door again, “I have talked to them.”
Lin Yuzhen and several persons in charge were shocked.
“When did you talk about it?”
“Just when you have a meeting.”
Jiang Ning said calmly, “After the talk, they knew they were wrong, and they have removed the roadblock and left. Let the team bring in materials.”
Lin Yuzhen’s mind was dizzy.
They discussed it for a long time, but they didn’t think of a good way. How long did Jiang Ning go out now, and then he could talk about it?
But what Jiang Ning said, there has never been a lie, at least I have known him until now, really.
“Miss Lin?”
Xiao Xu asked cautiously.
“Let the team hurry in and send in.” Lin Yuzhen said.
Xiao Xu nodded immediately to make arrangements.
Lin Yuzhen walked to Jiang Ning, tilted his head, and looked up at him: “How did you talk about it?”
“Dawn with affection, and move with reason.”
Jiang Ning smiled and stretched out a fist, “I was prepared to do this, but then I thought about it, and I better just use my fist.”
Lin Yu was speechless for a while.
“After get off work, let’s go.”
“Huh? Get off work again? Go home.”
Jiang Ning pulled Lin Yu into the car and quickly turned around, raising a cloud of smoke and dust.
“The front of this car is so ugly that it doesn’t match you. Let’s get another one.”

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