Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 236

My wife, don’t look at me with that kind of expectant look!
“not bad.”
“Have you seen the figure of other women?”
Lin Yuzhen’s brain circuits always seem to be different from ordinary people. “Otherwise, how did you compare them?”
Jiang Ning felt that life is full of pits, and if you are not careful, you will fall into the real trap of Lin Yu.
“It’s no need to compare, I like long legs.”
“Are my legs long? I haven’t measured it.”
Damn it!
Jiang Ning felt that he had never been so enthusiastic before facing three hundred ferocious enemies on the battlefield in the Middle East.
“How about I measure it for you?”
He moved his Adam’s apple and said.
Without waiting for Lin Yuzhen’s answer, Jiang Ning stroked his hands and swam over, and he was in front of Lin Yuzhen.
Two people, no more than half a meter apart, face each other in the mist.
Lin Yu’s face was really red, not knowing whether the hot spring was too hot, or he was nervous and shy.
“Then, how do you measure?”
She whispered.
That voice, as soon as it was said, seemed to be swallowed by mist.
It seems that from this voice, Lin Yu’s heartbeat can be heard really thumping!
“That’s the amount.”
Jiang Ning’s face was still calm, stretched out his hand into the water, squeezed Lin Yuzhen’s leg, gently pulled it up, and started from her ankle with the other hand, making gestures at once.
“One click, two clicks…”
Jiang Ning was expressionless, but Lin Yu couldn’t help biting his lip, nervous and shy!
Jiang Ning touched her foot for the first time!
Why doesn’t this guy have any expressions?
Are you serious about helping yourself?
I have already measured my knees!
Jiang Ning will continue to measure up?
Lin Yu really regretted suddenly, how could he agree to it!
She wanted to withdraw her leg, but Jiang Ning’s hand seemed unwilling to let go.
Lin Yu shouted really hurriedly.
Jiang Ning immediately stopped, raised his head, and said seriously, “What’s the matter?”
“You, how many times have you counted?”
Lin Yu really wanted to say, don’t measure it, but when it came to his lips, how did it become this sentence.
She couldn’t wait for her whole person to get into the pool, how could she ask such a thing?
“Just ask you, forget it.”
Jiang Ning fixedly looked at Lin Yuzhen, “Or, I will measure it again.”
After speaking, he started from the ankle again, this time, he was more calm in his heart.
“One click, two clicks…”
Suddenly, there was a muffled noise outside, as if the door was kicked open!
Lin Yuzhen suddenly panicked, and hurriedly withdrew his feet, retracting himself into the pool, only half of his head was exposed, extremely nervous.
“what’s up?”
She asked.
Jiang Ning raised his head and glanced, and suddenly became annoyed.
Who the fuck is making trouble at this time?
He has measured four times, already over his knee!
It’s not easy to have such an atmosphere, and it’s hard to get in touch with my dear wife more intimately, who is going to make trouble!
“It’s okay.”
Jiang Ning’s eyes were filled with anger, “You can take a relaxing bath in the hot springs, I’ll take a look, and be obedient.”
He got up, his sturdy figure, and his muscles didn’t look bloated, but they looked very sharp. One could feel what terrifying power is contained in this body!
In particular, Jiang Ning still has a lot of scars on his body, and the marks left by various wounds seem to have witnessed what he has experienced over the years.
Lin Yuzhen looked a little dazed for a while.
“Jiangning… how much has he suffered?”
She suddenly felt distressed.
At this moment, Jiang Ning put on a bathrobe and walked out blankly. His eyes were enough to kill!

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