Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 239

What he said, never kidding!
It’s no joke that the East China Sea wants to be built into an iron plate and a forbidden area!
These people have made trouble again and again, really thinking that they dare not make cruel attacks?
Jiang Ning just disdains to do anything with this kind of ants!
Something that can be pinched to death with one finger is a fart!
Lu Xun trembled, “Dare you…”
He didn’t finish his words, Jiang Ning stepped on it, killing him instantly!
Jiang Ning has nothing to fear!
Falling to the ground, the tyrannosaurus with his limbs broken and red blood vomiting in his mouth was convulsed. He watched Jiang Ning trample on Lu Xun alive. He wanted to stand up, but he couldn’t move at all.
He opened his mouth, and blood poured out of his throat!
Where is there a trace of arrogance and arrogance on the face of Tyrannosaurus?
In his eyes, there is only fear now!
Fear of the demon Jiangning!
Who on earth is this person, stronger than the Remnant Sword when he was young!
They only dared to wait for Can Sword to be old before choosing to do it. Even so, they had to go with the old Can Sword with three of them to be sure to fight with Can Sword.
But facing Jiang Ning in front of him, Tyrannosaurus felt that it was an abyss, no matter who it was, it was a dead end!
He is afraid, he regrets it. What he is most worried about now is not that he will die, but that Lu Xun is dead. Big brother Lu Qian will definitely be furious, and they will definitely come to Jiangning for revenge…
Once that happens, the entire Lu family will be over!
Jiangning, invincible!
Tyrannosaurus widened his eyes and looked at Jiang Ning. He wanted to go back. He wanted to go back and tell Lu Qian not to come to the East China Sea!
Don’t die!
But he has no chance.
“Big brother… don’t come to the East China Sea… don’t come…”
The Tyrannosaurus murmured.
Jiang Ning glanced at him and snorted coldly, “Throw them into the sea.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning didn’t look at it again, and turned to enter the VIP hot spring pool.
Soon, someone came and dragged Tyrannosaurus and Lu Xun away, just like dragging two dead dogs.
The floor was wiped clean, everything returned to normal, as if nothing had happened.
After venting, Jiang Ning’s anger dissipated a lot.
If you dare to bother yourself to accompany Lin Yuzhen, even the boxing champion who swept the underground boxing world in Eastern Europe would not have the guts!
Hearing the sound, Lin Yuzhen yelled softly.
She was sure that it was Jiang Ning, and she was relieved.
She didn’t know what happened outside just now, and she was still a little worried.
Jiang Ning didn’t go into the pool anymore, and just sat there wiping his body with a towel, preparing to change his clothes. Now that Lu Xun is here, those guys like Lu Qian must be coming soon.
Jiang Ning has come in for Fu Ye’s game, but he will never follow Fu Ye’s design.
If you want to borrow this knife from yourself, Master Fu also has to pay the price.
“You want to go?”
Lin Yu really got up, with a graceful figure and a clear view.
She walked behind Jiang Ning, picked up the towel in Jiang Ning’s hand, “I’ll wipe it for you.”
Jiang Ning nodded without saying anything.
“What happened outside just now?”
Lin Yuzhen gently wiped the drops of water on Jiang Ning’s back, and asked softly.
“It’s nothing, two stray dogs ran in and have been driven away.”
Jiang Ning said casually.
Lin Yu really didn’t care that what Jiang Ning was telling was the truth and lies. Her attention was all on Jiang Ning’s back, the dense scars!
Her finger accidentally touched a place, as if she had been shocked, and immediately withdrew it back.
The scar that looks hideous should bleed a lot of blood before it heals, right?
With so many scars, how many times did Jiang Ning go through, how many times he suffered, and every time he was injured, who was taking care of him?

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