Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2427

It is not easy to design such a trap.
Jiang Ning knew what kind of person he was facing, the cunning of greedy wolves, he had seen him a long time ago, and he couldn’t use common sense to infer him at all.
What’s more, the child this time is Jiang Yao.
Jiang Ning knew that he was taking risks, but he couldn’t care less about Jiang Yao’s safety. Even the first thing he should do is to ensure Jiang Yao’s safety.
All this is not easy, it needs to be well arranged, Jiang Ning’s wisdom, and everyone’s cooperation is needed.
It is extremely difficult to not only attract greedy wolves, make him unable to suppress and lose patience, but also let him relax his vigilance and take off his defenses.
This is really too difficult.
It is impossible to do it just thinking about it, especially the opponent is still such a terrifying existence.
But Jiang Ning didn’t say anything. At this point, it’s meaningless to consider what might be impossible.
He can only do this now, and he must do it well and be perfect.
Because the consequences and costs of failure are something he and everyone can’t bear.
Jiang Ning didn’t tell anyone, except for the old naughty boy, even Huang Yuming didn’t even tell him. He took a few people with Brother Gou and left the East China Sea without telling where to go.
The old urchin stayed in the East China Sea and accompanied Jiang Yao.
“Master, am I right?”
Jiang Yao is now interested in Kung Fu, and she pesters the old urchin to teach her Kung Fu, with a serious look on his face, making the old urchin can’t help laughing.
“Yes, Yaoyao is all right.”
He is still spoiled and has no strict requirements on Jiang Yao, where can he get it right?
If it is the dog brothers, even if they make a little mistake, they will be cleaned up by the old naughty boy!
“Master, you have to be serious.”
Jiang Yao said with a small mouth, “What should I do if I can’t beat others? I want to become the best player in the world!”
The old naughty boy laughed, “Okay, okay, you will definitely become the number one master in the world, so Master must be strict with you? Can you insist on it?”
“It’s definitely okay!”
Jiang Yao’s face was full of firmness.
five minutes later.
“Master, I can’t hold on!”
Jiang Yao slumped her mouth and looked aggrieved, and her legs trembled violently while standing on her horse. She didn’t wait for the old naughty boy to speak, but she sat down with an ouch.
She rubbed her ass, “Master, it’s too difficult, isn’t Yaoyao very useless?”
“how could be?”
The old naughty boy was full of pets and rubbed Jiang Yao’s head lightly. “Yaoyao is the smartest child Master has ever seen, and she will definitely become very powerful in the future.”
He looked at Jiang Yao’s eyes, full of gentleness, but he felt a little regretful in his heart, how could he agree to Jiang Ning’s decision.
That was pushing his apprentice into the fire pit!
But Jiang Yao is Jiang Ning’s daughter. He cares about Jiang Yao and is no worse than himself.
When things have reached this point, there is really no other choice. The old naughty boy can only tell himself in his heart that no matter what happens, even if he wants to sacrifice his life, he will not hesitate to protect Jiang Yao!
From a distance, someone looked to this side.
The old naughty boy had discovered it a long time ago, but he just ignored it.
He has no good feelings about Yumeng now. Even if Yumeng rescued Jiang Yao last time, if it weren’t for her, Jiang Yao would not be in danger at all, let alone be discovered by the greedy wolf. She would be the last spring. .
This made Jiang Yao’s situation very dangerous. At this point, the old naughty boy couldn’t forgive Yumeng.
Yumeng didn’t say anything, just sighed softly.
Now, she is also very annoyed.
Greedy wolf fell to such an end, I am afraid that there will be no good results in the end, and the old naughty boy is all about Jiang Yao, and now Jiang Yao is in a bad situation, the old naughty boy is absolutely willing to die for her! .

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