Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2428

Yumeng doesn’t know how much affection is the old naughty boy.
Even if he is still angry with himself, but this guy, how can he be really angry.
“I can’t do much.”
Yumeng whispered to herself, “Do my best and give you peace.”
After speaking, she turned and left.
The old naughty boy glanced in the direction where she left, opened his mouth and wanted to call her, but still didn’t. He shook his head slightly, his eyes were complicated.
He didn’t say anything after all, maybe he was thinking, wait until the next time his mood gets better, then talk to Yumeng.
at the same time.
The third person of that era, Greed Wolf, is still in the crypt at this moment.
It’s just that no one knows where he is.
The vast expanse of the cave hides all kinds of weird terrain, even the people of Tang Fang may not know it.
And Greedy Wolf’s memory now includes the part that belongs to the Demon King, and even those of the Demon Kings of the past. No one knows the crypt better than him.
At this moment, he sat there cross-legged and opened his eyes for a long time.
“The injury on my body has completely recovered.”
Greedy Wolf said, “Your magic skills are indeed very powerful, but I underestimate you.”
“Why, now you know mine?”
It’s the voice of the devil.
One body and two souls are talking to each other.
“You want my body, I want your soul, isn’t it normal?”
“Who wins and loses, and where is right.”
Greedy Wolf snorted, “Maybe, I swallowed you in the end, got your magic power, and kept my own consciousness.”
“you are dreaming.”
The devil mocked mercilessly, “And it’s an impossible dream.”
He wasn’t in a hurry, and he didn’t worry about what else could be done by Greed Wolf.
Now that two people use the same body, he knows exactly what Greedy Wolf is thinking, unless the idea of ​​Greedy Wolf appears temporarily, even then, he has time to react.
Greedy wolf wants to kill him, it is impossible.
Just like a person knows what will kill himself, wouldn’t he be prepared?
Not to mention, the demon king now has half the control of this body.
“You want to revive the remnant souls of the demon kings of the past, and use the star soul array to devour me, don’t be foolish.
The demon king is really not polite at all, “That Jiang Ning understands formation patterns and can arrange formations, but he doesn’t understand the star soul formation, and no one in this world will understand.”
“Anyone who understands has died long ago, turned into dust, and disappeared from this world.”
His tone was full of complacency, so it seemed that no one in this world could resist him anymore, greedy wolves couldn’t do it, Jiang Ning couldn’t do it, and no one else would have a chance.
“Don’t be too confident.”
Greedy Wolf said indifferently, “Maybe I can’t kill you, but Jiangning, it’s really not necessarily.”
“He, although I don’t like him, I have to say that he is not an ordinary person. You can’t use common sense to infer him and get to know him. You are so confident and you are careful to suffer a big loss.”
Greedy wolves are a little gloating.
He even looked forward to what Jiang Ning would do.
After all, Jiang Ning has seen the terrible and powerful demon king, and the danger of the devil, Jiang Ning knows better, his daughter is the last spring, and the devil is bound to win!
He wants eternal life, the last spring, he must get it.
The devil knows, Jiang Ning knows, and everyone knows that if Jiang Ning wants to protect his daughter, he must do something, either, kill the devil, or… or kill the devil!
Once and for all!
This is Jiangning’s only choice, and it is also a decision Jiangning must make.
“This guy cares about the people around him, let alone his daughter?”
“You, just wait, Jiangning will definitely kill you, I dare to bet with you, when that happens, it will be my unique opportunity to swallow you, hahahaha!”.

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