Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2431

Large and small stones were rearranged by Jiang Ning.
This stone formation was encountered when Jiang Ning and Greed Wolves entered the passage together. At that time, the stone formation only attacked Jiang Ning and ignored Greed Wolves.
It’s as if it was deliberately targeting Jiang Ning.
Now, he has transformed this place.
According to his design, Brother Gou and the others moved all the stones and arranged them completely in accordance with Jiang Ning’s drawings.
The size, placement, and orientation of the stones, and even some stones, need to be corrected and changed in shape.
This is not a small project, it takes a lot of effort from them.
Everyone is very patient, knowing that this is not a trivial matter, and knowing that Jiang Ning attaches such importance to it is definitely a vital event, especially seeing Jiang Ning’s expression, let them know, perhaps, this matter is the last they can Things to do.
As time passed, everyone was sweating profusely.
Finally, everything is done.
“Brother, it’s all done, you can check it.”
Brother Gou wiped the sweat from his forehead.
Jiang Ning looked at it carefully and made sure that there were no problems before nodding.
He looked at Brother Gou and the others, and took a deep breath.
“Do you have anything to ask?”
“Don’t ask.”
Brother Gou shook his head, “No need to ask, I will do what the eldest brother wants us to do.”
He said very seriously.
The others just nodded. At first they were curious, but now they knew that there was no need to ask. As long as Jiangning needed them, they would have no return.
“Now that we have no choice,”
Jiang Ning said, “The responsibility we shoulder is too great. Sometimes I wonder if I did something wrong.”
“It is not fair to you to let you follow me to bear this kind of responsibility.”
“You could have lived a very peaceful life, simply live your life, you don’t need to experience such dangers, you may even lose your lives.”
“Big Brother!”
The old fifth couldn’t help interrupting Jiang Ning’s words, frowning and saying, “You are… a bit long-winded!”
His character has always been carefree and unceremonious.
“What do you say so much, as long as you have a word, go up to the sword and go to the bottom of the fire, my old fifth frowns, that’s nothing for me!”
“I! Willing to die for you!”
The sixth screamed.
A person, their eyes are red, and they are not used to Jiangning becoming indecisive and so sentimental, they like Jiangning’s indomitable, aggressive and invincible posture!
That’s their eldest brother!
A well-deserved king in that East China Sea Forbidden Land!
“Brother, we don’t regret it,”
Brother Gou said, “You are right, we could have lived a peaceful life, but we are not reconciled to be a mere mortal and live an ordinary life. We want to be real strong, real men!”
“To take on the responsibilities we should bear, and to live up to the people who trust us and believe in us, this is what we want to do!”
Brother Gou shook his head, “I’m not afraid anymore.”
“We are not afraid!”
Everyone shouted in unison.
When they were setting up, they had already discovered that the positions of these stones happened to be eighteen, and they happened to have eighteen people. In other words, this formation requires them to act at the same time and use their battle formation techniques. Blessing.
This is probably the most powerful force they can display in history, and they know who they want to deal with.
Greedy wolf!
That is the biggest trouble now, as long as the greedy wolf is killed, everything can return to peace.
Maybe someone is going to die, maybe everyone is going to die, including Jiang Ning!
Jiang Ning did not speak, but took a deep breath, nodded repeatedly, and was silent for a long time before saying: “I am so lucky to meet you.”

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