Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 244

Lu Qian frowned, there was no such name in his impression.
It seems that the North has never heard of this name, so what kind of person is this.
“I have investigated. Jiang Ning has no background. It is rumored that he is a homeless man. He is now the son-in-law of Donghailin’s family.”
Lu Qian and others were even more surprised.
tramp? Or a door-to-door son-in-law, such a person, who can control the underground circles of the East China Sea?
The ice dragon immediately began to guess, “I think it must be a puppet of some big man, huh, the tramp, it’s ridiculous!”
Not only a homeless man, but also a door-to-door son-in-law, it would be shameful for a big man to let this kind of identity fall on him.
So they immediately decided that Jiang Ning was a puppet, just doing things for a big man.
“Check! Check it out for me! Check the details behind Jiang Ning!”
Lu Qian immediately ordered.
Immediately, he got up: “Since Lu Xun is okay, then we should do something.”
“Clean up the provincial capital completely!”
Binglong shouted.
Now, except for the few stubborn guys in the regulations, the others are obedient. As long as the regulations are resolved, the Tianhai Provincial City will be completely controlled.
Lu Qian and others were about to do it when they suddenly received a call from Linhai.
Lu Qian’s face changed when he heard the first sentence.
“What are you talking about? Lu Xun is dead!”
Lu Qian Lei Ting was furious.
The ice dragon and the blood dragon were even more shocked.
Lu Xun is dead?
Didn’t the people from Donghai have sent them back? How could they die!
Lu Qian’s face became more and more ugly, and his hands with the phone trembled away. Those eyes instantly turned scarlet!
Putting down the phone, Lu Qian didn’t say a word, and suddenly slammed the phone to the ground, bursting instantly!
“Big Brother,”
The blood dragon shouted.
“Back to Linhai!”
Lu Qian almost uttered a word, gritted his teeth and said, “Tyrannosaurus, also dead!”
Hearing that, both the blood dragon and the ice dragon were dumbfounded.
Tyrannosaurus is also dead?
What’s the matter!
“Back to Linhai!”
Lu Qian didn’t say any more. On the phone, his wife was already crying and couldn’t say anything. He had to go back.
Lu Xun is dead!
His only son was dead!
Even his brother Tyrannosaurus is dead!
Who the hell is it!
who is it!
The night in the provincial capital seemed a bit unstable.
As if something terrible is about to happen, many people are trembling, waiting anxiously and restlessly for the end to come.
And in a quiet villa not far from the provincial capital.
Master Fu, right here.
He is not poisoned, his complexion is ruddy, and his complexion is excellent.
Sitting in the pavilion, listening to all the information, there was a long silence.
“I wanted you to kill the Tyrannosaurus and Lu Xun and blame Jiang Ning, but I didn’t expect that he would come in by himself in this round.”
After a while, Master Fu spoke, “I borrowed a knife to kill, but this knife actually took the initiative.”
His eyes were deep, and he couldn’t understand Jiang Ning more and more.
The more so, the more jealous he is.
“Can he withstand Lu Qian’s anger?”
Can Jian asked.
Lu Qian’s five brothers killed two of them himself, and now Jiang Ning killed himself again, leaving only the blood dragon and the ice dragon.
But in fact, Can Jian knew very well that Lu Qian was the strongest among the brothers!
“After reading this, I know that the most important thing right now is Jiang Ning. What do you want to take away from me.”
Master Fu said meaningfully.

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