Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 248

He took the washed fruits and went upstairs leisurely. Lin Yu was really busy in the office and didn’t have time to bother Jiang Ning.
“Cherry is very sweet.”
“I see, you put it there, I’ll eat it later.”
Lin Yu really didn’t look up.
After a while, she felt Jiang Ning coming over and raised her head. Jiang Ning was holding the cherry in his hand and handing it to her mouth.
“Take two.”
Lin Yuzhen’s face blushed slightly, and he opened his mouth obediently, and Jiang Ning put the cherries in.
“Thanks husband.”
Jiang Ning smiled, “I won’t interrupt your work, take a good rest, you know.”
“Well, I get it.”
Lin Yu really blushed.
The cherries in my mouth seem to be very sweet.
Jiang Ning walked out of the office and went straight downstairs. The phone rang.
Over there, the excited voice of Brother Gou couldn’t be suppressed.
“Boss, the gifts are ready, why are they so slow!”
“Wait for them on the way.”
Jiang Ning said indifferently, “For such unlucky people, don’t enter the East China Sea. Go back wherever they come from!”
After hanging up the phone, Jiang Ning narrowed his eyes slightly: “Master Fu, have you figured out how to thank me?”

On the provincial road leading to the East China Sea, there were more than a dozen cars, and the atmosphere was extremely suppressed.
Lu Qian, who was sitting in the car, had an even more gloomy expression, so gloomy that the people sitting next to him did not dare to breathe.
In the car behind, the bodies of Lu Xun and Tyrannosaurus were placed in the coffin.
Lu Qian has decided to use the heads of everyone in the underground circle of the East China Sea to give them a memorial service!
“Big Brother, Jiang Ning, can’t let him die easily!”
The blood dragon’s forehead burst with blue veins and murderous aura, “We want him not to survive, but not to die! Tortured him for a few years before letting him die!”
On the methods of torture, the blood dragon knows a lot, and he will definitely not let Jiang Ning die so easily.
The ice dragon said coldly, “I want them to pay a painful price!”
This is not only to avenge Lu Xun and Tyrannosaurus, but also to let everyone outside know the consequences of offending the Lu family.
If they don’t take revenge strongly, it is tantamount to giving the impression that people from the Lu family can kill them at will!
Even if it’s Lu Qian’s son!
Lu Qian didn’t speak.
His eyes were bloodshot, and the boiling murderous aura had already been restrained in his heart, but everyone could feel the extremely suppressed anger, once it broke out, what a terrible thing it would be.
This time, they brought a lot of people, all of them were the elite of his Lu family!
Not to mention, Lu Qian, Blood Dragon and Ice Dragon are even more powerful masters.
The three of them work together, and they will not fall into the wind even in the face of the broken sword. When they reach the East China Sea, they can easily sweep, destroy and flatten the underground circle of the East Sea!
Lu Qian looked out the car window, his eyes cold.
“My son…I will let the people in the underground circle of the East China Sea be buried with you!”
He was thinking, the first car suddenly slammed its direction, lost control, rolled over twice in the air, and hit the ground heavily!
There was a loud noise, sparks splashed everywhere!
The car behind, braked and stopped immediately.
“What happened!”
The blood dragon lowered the car window and roared.
At this time, dare to make mistakes?
He fixed his eyes and found that a hole had been dug on the road ahead, which directly blocked their way.
The blood dragon’s eyes suddenly shrank.
“Brother, from Donghae!”
Lu Qian sneered, his mouth twitching.
He knows that the people in the underground circle of the East China Sea will not wait and die. They will definitely take action. Are they here to stop themselves now?
But can they stop it?

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