Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 253

They dare not think about the scene outside the car, they dare not imagine what happened.
so horrible!
Lu Qian had three masters in total, and a large number of subordinates, but in the end, it was as if they were not here for revenge, but entered the slaughterhouse.
Send yourself to the slaughterhouse!
Just thinking about it, the charter felt uncomfortable in my stomach.
“The windows are closed tightly!”
He endured his nausea and did not dare to look outside, “Turn around and go immediately! Go!”
He didn’t dare to look at it again, but when he closed his eyes, it was the horrible picture.
Goofy was shaking his hands and turned around and left, until he drove out for a few kilometers, he felt his legs were still trembling, even when he stepped on the accelerator, he trembled.
Forbidden area in the East China Sea!
Starting today, this forbidden area is truly justified.
This is completely the prestige built on Lu Qian and others!
They even saw the corpses of the Ice Dragon and the Blood Dragon, and the coffin used to pretend to be Lu Qian and the Tyrannosaurus corpse. Although they didn’t see Lu Qian, they wanted to know what Lu Qian would end up with.
The regulations are really scared, it’s a fear from the bottom of my heart.
Even Gao Fei, who thought Jiang Ning would definitely die this time, closed his mouth tightly at this moment, afraid that once he opened his mouth, he could not help but vomit again.
He told himself that in this life he would not provoke Jiang Ning, he would rather commit suicide than provoke Jiang Ning this monster!
Someone soon came to deal with it at the scene, as if nothing happened, but the news could not be blocked at all, and no one deliberately blocked it.
Lu Qian was planted.
This strong came from Linhai, let everyone watch, let everyone wait to see Lu Qian, kill the people in the underground circle of the East China Sea, at this moment all closed their mouths.
Talking about the forbidden land of the East China Sea, it’s silent!
Even Lu Qian is planted!
This powerful figure who drove off Master Fu was planted in the little East China Sea.
Tyrannosaurus was killed, ice dragon was killed, blood dragon was killed, and Lu Qian’s only son was also killed!
Just because they all offended the forbidden area of ​​the East China Sea.
Even Lu Qian’s whereabouts are unknown, and I’m afraid he won’t live long.
For a while, the big bosses in the provincial capital who had surrendered to Lu Qian before panicked again.
They are not worried that Master Fu will come back again, but that Jiang Ning of the East China Sea will find them to settle accounts.
After all, they betrayed the Tianhai underground circle, but Jiang Ning did not respond.
Even Donghai did not respond, as if nothing had happened.
Those who are attracting investment are still attracting investment, and those who are developing and constructing are still developing and constructing. The order is getting better and better, the living atmosphere is getting stronger, and the sense of happiness is constantly improving.
It seems that no one knows that such an earth-shattering event happened outside Donghai City.
At the same time, everyone is in danger in the underground circle of Linhai City!
Everyone is worried that the East China Sea will counterattack and retaliate in large numbers!
Lu Qian is planted, who can stop the mighty East China Sea?
But still, Donghai did not respond.
Soon, there was news that the East China Sea was a forbidden area. As long as you don’t go there to cause trouble, it is naturally safe.
Although I don’t know where the news came from, at least this made many people breathe a sigh of relief.
Jiang Ning did not say anything in the face of the accident, and returned to the East China Sea, and he continued his life.
And Gou and others, tirelessly, continue to devote themselves to crazier training.
A madman who has tasted the sweetness will only become more and more crazy…
Lu Qian didn’t dare to return to Linhai.
He didn’t dare to stay in Tianhai, these two places were extremely dangerous places for him now.
He was worried that Jiang Ning would chase him down, and completely wipe out his own blood!

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