Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 255

The villa outside the city of Tianhai Province.
On the coffee table, there is a human head, it is Lu Qian!
Master Fu took a look and didn’t care that the blood was dripping on the coffee table. He said flatly, “You are out of the game.”
“Do you know why you are out?”
He was talking to a living person, as if Lu Qian was not dead at all, “You are too aggressive.”
“Can you endure it for more than ten years, and for a few more years? Hey, we are all selling our lives to others. You are really selling our lives.”
Master Fu waved his hand, Can Sword lifted Lu Qian’s head away.
The blood was still on the coffee table, but Master Fu didn’t care at all and continued to make tea casually.
However, his expression is a bit solemn, and he seems to be thinking about something.
This result was what he had guessed, but the way it produced this result was something he couldn’t even imagine.
too strong.
In Master Fu’s mind, there was only one thought at the moment.
Jiangning is too strong!
Terribly powerful!
It’s scary!
The power of the Lu Family is invincible in Linhai. Even if there is a Remnant Sword by his side, he can only ensure that both sides are in peace.
However, they are getting older and older, and in a few years, they will definitely not be Lu Qian’s opponents. When the time comes, the underground circle of Tianhai Provincial City will naturally give up.
But now, Lu Qian is dead, and none of his people are still alive.
Just because of Jiangning!
Jiang Ning appeared in less than three months and seemed harmless to humans and animals.
“I borrowed a good knife, but it’s a pity, it’s an uncontrollable knife.”
Master Fu has a headache.
Jiang Ning meant that he would not kill when he landed. He understood that this was Jiang Ning’s response to himself after entering the chess game.
He expressed sincerity, what about himself?
“Everyone says I am an old fox, and you are a little fox.”
Master Fu laughed, there was no hatred on his face, no insidiousness, only appreciation and admiration.
Can Jian came back, the killing spirit on his body was still terrifying, and most people couldn’t even get close to him.
“What’s next?”
His voice has always been cold.
“Back to the provincial city.”
Master Fu said.
Remnant Jian was silent for a moment: “The northern side is already a little impatient.”
Master Fu sneered.
In the north, when did you have patience?
After so many years, how much money has been made for them through hard work and blame, but what is the result?
What did they do to themselves? I really thought I didn’t know!
He hasn’t completely aged yet, and there are things he can do, which is of use value, but this time Lu Qian’s attack did put Master Fu under a lot of pressure, and even made the northern side extremely dissatisfied.
People above others, regardless of winning or losing, pay more attention to face, and what Master Fu loses is their face when he retreats, which naturally makes them very dissatisfied.
If it were not for huge interests, they would never allow Master Fu to act so recklessly.
But in a few years?
When Master Fu gets old, at that time, he is a toothless tiger, and he doesn’t even have the qualifications to keep the door!
“This may be an opportunity.”
After a moment of silence, Master Fu spoke and looked at Can Jian seriously, “You have been with me for more than 20 years, and everything has been paid off. If you can go, you will go.”
Can Jian shook his head and said nothing.
“A person like me can’t end well.”
There was a slight smile on Master Fu’s face, and he couldn’t see the slightest fear. “It looks like a beautiful life as a dog, but I know how sad it is behind it.”
“You shouldn’t have been involved.”
“But I’m already involved.”
Can Jian’s tone was very firm.

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