Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 256

Master Fu didn’t speak for a long time, looking at his old brother, he just sighed.
“Let’s go back.”
Without any hesitation, Master Fu has always been a decisive person, and he took Lu Qian’s head directly back to the provincial capital.
In an instant, the entire underground circle of Tianhai Provincial City shook again!
Master Fu is back!
Moreover, take Lu Qian’s head!
what does that mean?
Master Fu is okay! It was Lu Qian who was in trouble, and Lu Qian was the one who died. Lu Qian came from a strong force, but his head was gone, and his body was separated.
Those who had betrayed the provincial capital and surrendered to Lu Qian before were even more frightened at this moment.
They were afraid that Fu Ye Qiuhou settled accounts, and that the broken sword of Remnant Sword would suddenly fall on their necks and take their lives!
Even if it is the charter, those who stick to it all the time feel nervous and depressed.
They knew very well that it was Jiang Ning who killed the Lu Family, but Master Fu…not that they could underestimate it.
Aged tigers are often more fierce!
However, Master Fu did not take any action, did not retaliate, and did not say anything, as if he came back from a vacation and nothing happened.
The mask club reopened, and everything was as usual, except for Lu Qian’s head, nothing frightened people.
The regulations and others spent a few days in a panic before fully understanding that Master Fu really did not intend to settle the accounts after the autumn.
Suddenly, the provincial capital Lord Fu returned, and the new king of the East China Sea rose. How can there be two kings in one place?
The East China Sea killed the Tyrannosaurus and other three masters. Master Fu came back with Lu Qian’s head. Everyone guessed that the external crisis was lifted, and the next thing was probably an internal battle.
How can one mountain accommodate two tigers?
Everyone is watching, in tension and anxiety, anxiously waiting for the battle to break out.
Even many people are hesitating about which side they want to stand on.
They definitely can’t make the mistake a second time!
However, once again, they guessed the charter wrong.
The Mask Club issued an invitation letter, and Master Fu’s birthday is about to be celebrated. Every family has received the invitation letter on his fifty-year-old birthday.
This is a little scary, I don’t know if it is a Hongmen Banquet.
On the other side of the East China Sea, Can Jian personally sent it.
Except for him, no one else is qualified to go to the East China Sea and send invitations to Jiang Ning.
It was still in that park, Jiang Ning was sitting on the bench. Recently Lin Yu really asked him to smoke less. Jiang Ning had not dared to smoke in front of her, and only then did it presumptuously.
“Master Fu’s birthday,”
Jiang Ning glanced at the invitation, “Not easy.”
He only said three words that are not easy, and Can Jian understands naturally.
It is indeed not easy for people like them to live to fifty years old, not to mention having been so successful for so many years.
But this may and may be the last year.
“going or not?”
Can Jian doesn’t talk much.
“Do you want me to go?”
Can Jian glanced at Jiang Ning, “I hope I can have a chance to fight with you!”
“Life and death battle!”
Jiang Ning let out a breath of smoke, smiled at Can Jian, and shook his head.
“It’s not that I offended the predecessors, but you are really not my opponent.”
He glanced at the waist of Remnant Sword, and he knew that the broken sword was a soft sword, hidden on the waist of Remnant Sword. It was sharp and invisible to killing!
Can Jian did not speak, and did not argue.
At their level, there is no point in arguing with words.
He had to admit that he was indeed not Jiang Ning’s opponent.
“Even if I die, I just want to die under your hands.”
After a moment of silence, Can Jian said seriously, “Others, don’t deserve to kill me!”

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