Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 267

Jiang Ning saved his life!
Saved his brother’s life!
That day, Lord Fu wanted to divide the cake, not to divide the site, but to choose who to keep in the provincial capital to face the powerful enemies in Linhai.
That is the way to death!
He asked Jiang Ning to choose, and Jiang Ning chose himself.
At this moment, the regulations felt cold on the back, cold sweat!
The few people who were still complaining just now also held their breath and dared not say a word.
Especially Gao Fei, with no blood on his face, so pale and frightening.
He got the news that Linhai’s formidable enemy came violently last night, and several big guys had no time to resist and were killed directly!
If they were still in the provincial capital, it would definitely be a dead end.
The powerful enemy in Linhai had no plans to let one of the people in the provincial capital survive.
The charter felt his hand trembling.
“From today, everyone will stay in the East China Sea. Whatever Jiang Ning asks you to do, do what you do, understand?”
At Master Fu’s birthday party, he asked everyone what is the most important thing. The answers to the regulations are money, women, and status, but Master Fu himself said that being alive is the most important.
Yes, life is the most important thing.
Even the old fox who has been in the world for more than 20 years, like Master Fu, feels that being alive is the most important thing. It takes a lot of experience to fully realize it.
The charter took a deep breath, knowing that he chose to support Donghai and Jiang Ning at that time, which was the reason why Jiang Ning saved his life.
This East China Sea has now become a forbidden place. As long as Jiangning is here, this is probably the safest place in the world.
He doesn’t want to go anywhere anymore. People get older and get older. What is more important than being alive?
Gao Fei and others did not dare to complain again.
“That who! Boy, can you help me?”
Not far away, an uncle raised his head and shouted with a smile on his face, “I can’t lift it.”
The regulations and the others raised their heads without any hesitation. They ran over to help lift the food basket onto the tricycle, vying one by one, for fear that they could not help.
“Master, let it go, let’s come! Let’s come!”
“You rest! We will help you with this kind of hard work!”
“Master, do you drink water? I’ll buy it for you!”

The storm in the provincial capital is raging!
Every night, people are terrified.
Two powerful masters suddenly appeared in Linhai, and in just one day, they directly replaced Lu Qian and let Linhai obey their call.
Without any hesitation, the next day, he frantically killed Xiang Tianhai Provincial City, very fierce.
That night, blood flowed into a river!
The two big bosses in the provincial capital died tragically on the spot, while several ruthless characters in Linhai also died.
Many people were shocked.
Master Fu did not leave this time, and took the provincial capital to fight back strongly!
The provincial capital at this moment is murderous!
Jiang Ning got the news right away, but this war has nothing to do with him.
He knew that Master Fu would definitely fight this battle, even if he died, he would severely suppress those in Linhai.
The old tiger is equally terrible. Once he reveals his fangs and reveals his full strength, even the young rich wolf tiger and leopard must also be afraid of three points.
Master Fu’s methods are superb, and his scheming is even more amazing, not to mention the master Can Jian beside him.
In the three nights of clashes, the provincial capital did not fall into the wind, but the people facing the sea were retreating steadily. Even the two masters who landed in the air were forcibly killed by the broken sword!

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