Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 269

He said it lightly, but even Mr. Zhao, who had been with Master Fu for twenty years, felt a tremor.
The opening in the northwest area was opened, like a martial arts master, suddenly revealing a fatal flaw.
How could the enemy easily let go of such an opportunity?
At night, it was so dark that it was frightening.
The lights on the street seemed to have been destroyed long ago, and the roads could not even be illuminated.
There are not many people living here, but these days they have rushed away, and they dare to stay here.
In the darkness, you can faintly see the dense crowds of people coming in madly. In the night, you can see the shocking eyes, like beasts. The target is Zhang Lin, the boss of the northwestern district of the town of Tianhai Province!
As one of the people responsible for destroying Lord Fu this time, Qi Hu can be regarded as a master, even more powerful than Lu Qian’s brothers.
But since his partner was chopped off by the sword, he never dared to be careless anymore.
This Remnant Sword is even more a master!
Powerful to the extreme master!
Even if Can Jian is nearly fifty years old, his strength still seems to remain at its peak. Even if it is placed in the north, it is definitely a level that will attract big forces to attract.
But Can Jian chose to follow Master Fu, and I have to say that Master Fu knows how to buy people’s hearts.
Qi Hu’s face was solemn. He had just received the news that Zhang Lin was assassinated, so he didn’t hesitate to take people to kill Tianhai Provincial City again.
This is his last chance!
If he couldn’t strangle Lord Fu, then he couldn’t go back and explain.
Lu Qian’s plantation is equivalent to ruining the master’s ten-odd years of layout, and the reason is because of this master!
The master was furious and called for Master Fu’s life, even if he offended the person behind Master Fu, he would not hesitate to do so.
Qi Hu was ordered to come with another person. He thought it was just a trivial matter. What kind of means could an agent in a small province have.
But seeing his partner’s tragic death with his own eyes, Qi Hu didn’t dare to despise it any more.
“I didn’t expect that Zhang Lin, a capable man of Master Fu, would be assassinated. It seems that there are many people who secretly targeted Master Fu!”
Qi Hu sneered.
During this period, he launched a series of shocks, but failed three times in a row.
This Zhang Lin is the first fierce general under Fu Ye!
Intrepid and domineering, especially the people under them, are even more fierce and fearless, blocking them in the northwest area and not giving way.
If he can’t open this hole again today, then he Qihu will commit suicide and apologize.
Qi Hu ordered, “Zhang Lin is dead, so he will kill him from the northwest area and take the life of Master Fu!”
In the dim street, no one could be seen, Qi Hu looked around coldly, suddenly feeling a strange feeling.
This street leads to Zhang Lin’s territory, but he suddenly feels that he is staring at himself in the dark, with a pair of eyes!
He turned his head abruptly, but found nothing.
“Do you scare yourself? Huh, I didn’t expect that, I underestimated you,”
Qi Hu took a deep breath, “After tonight, there is no more Master Fu on this day in Hai Province.”
A little under his feet, accelerated and rushed away.
As soon as he left, a figure disappeared in the darkness.

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