Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 27

On the ground, all sixty or seventy people fell!
A few who can stay awake are also screaming at this moment, and the pain is extremely painful.
“Jiangning, are you okay?”
Lin Yu really reacted, worried.
She knew Jiang Ning would fight, but she didn’t expect Jiang Ning to be so powerful.
With one dozen sixty or seventy people!
Moreover, in less than a minute, Jiang Ning was all on the ground!
so horrible!
“I’m fine.”
Jiang Ning said lightly, “Just rely on them, you can’t touch me.”
He glanced at it, this kind of influential rubbish, he actually almost spent a minute, it seems that it has been too long to train.
Jiang Ning took out his cell phone and called Huang Yuming.
“Trash cleaning, I think you need to do it.”
After hanging up the phone, Jiang Ning turned to look at the workers who were still dumbfounded.
“You work here, no one can disturb you, understand.”
The workers nodded.
Xiao Xu was trembling all over at this moment.
He is admiration!
This is the man, this is the fucking man!
“Brother Ning!”
He walked over hurriedly, breathing a little shortly, “Don’t worry, I am staring here, there will be no problems, and you and Miss Lin will not be disappointed!”
Jiang Ning nodded.
Soon, Huang Yuming came and brought dozens of people.
“Tie these people up to me!”
Huang Yuming was furious, “Does anyone dare to mess up my project?
Speaking of it, this project is his, and he can’t leave it alone when someone comes to make trouble like this.
What’s more, Lin Yu is really in charge now, she is Jiang Ning’s wife!
“Big brother, I blamed me for not making arrangements and frightened my sister-in-law.”
“I’m here, no one can hurt her yet.”
Jiang Ning pointed to the lead bastard, “That guy said, his boss is Black Tiger.”
“Black Tiger?”
Hearing this name, Huang Yuming frowned slightly. It was obvious that this black tiger was no ordinary person.
“Why, not easy to solve?”
“A little.”
Huang Yuming immediately shook his head, “This black tiger is a well-known ruthless character in the underground circle of the East China Sea. I have dealt with him before, but I didn’t expect him to be behind him.”
“Brother, leave this to me!”
Huang Yuming couldn’t bear it even if he was the emperor.
Even his own projects dare to make trouble, hasn’t it been too long since he appeared in the underground circle?
“Old Huang,”
Jiang Ning looked at Huang Yuming, and said lightly, “ALFy has kept you in the East China Sea for so many years, but it’s not just for you to develop in the circle on the ground.”
Huang Yuming trembled all over and looked at Jiang Ning in shock.
“Some rubbish, clean up when it’s time to clean up, clean up, and this circle will be cleaned up, do you understand?”
Huang Yuming felt that his heart was about to jump out, and he understood the meaning of Jiang Ning’s words.
He is going to completely shuffle the entire Donghai underground circle!
Heihu is a cruel mess, Huang Yuming knows naturally.
Hearing Jiang Ning’s tone, he did not pay attention to the so-called black tiger.
It seems that it is just an ant!
“Contact Black Tiger,”
Jiang Ning glanced at it. Six to seventy people were all tied together with construction ropes. “Let him lead people, one hundred thousand.”
“If you lose a penny, you can’t take any of them!”
Huang Yuming nodded immediately: “Yes!”
There were sixty-eight people, a total of 6.8 million. What Jiang Ning wanted was the package price, but not just selling it, but for a penny less, the black tiger would not want to take away one person.
Lin Yu, who was on the side, really heard it, and couldn’t help but feel a little worried.
“Jiangning, will it make things worse?”
Even Huang Yuming said that the black tiger was not easy to provoke. Jiang Ning would probably offend the black tiger by doing so.
She has also heard this name, it seems that it is notoriously ruthless in the underground circles of Donghai City!
“Big trouble?”
Jiang Ning shook his head, “Such a little thing is a big deal, it’s very embarrassing.”
Those things he experienced, just picking one out, are enough to shake the world!
Just a black tiger?
Jiang Ning lowered his head and looked down, but he might not be able to see him.
“Don’t worry, you do your job, I promise everything goes well.”
Jiang Ning smiled and said, “No one can influence my wife’s career.”
Lin Yu really wrinkled his nose.
What time is it, still kidding, who is your wife?
Seeing Jiang Ning’s serious face, she didn’t say anything.
What else can she say?

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