Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 270

Soon, on the sandalwood chair of Zhang Lin’s base camp, Master Fu, was sitting there at this moment, drinking tea leisurely.
Can Jian stepped in, he was faster than Qi Hu and the others.
His words are still that simple.
Master Fu nodded.
“One, don’t let it go.”
No one would know that Zhang Lin, the most powerful fighter under his men, was killed by the broken sword by Master Fu!
His purpose is only one, let Qi Hu take the initiative to bring people in to die.
Who can think of it?
Qi Hu couldn’t think of it, even if it was the other people under Master Fu, he also couldn’t expect that Master Fu would kill even the most powerful warrior under him.
They only think that the murderer is Qi Hu!
At this moment, everyone else is extremely angry, and they want revenge!
They want to avenge Qi Hu!
“Master Fu! We are all ready!”
“Tonight, fight them to the death!”
“Even if I die, I have to avenge Lao Zhang!”
Master Fu was still sitting there, looking out from the hall, just in time to see the long street.
He was holding a pot of tea in his hand, without any expression on his face.
Gradually, the sound of footsteps came, densely dense, and became clear in the dark.
Master Fu’s expression gradually became solemn, indifferent, and ferocious!
Suddenly, he burst into a loud shout.
It was like a signal, all of the street lights suddenly turned on.
Like the day, the whole street waits for the light.
The light shining on the faces of Qi Hu’s people suddenly surprised them, and immediately reacted.
“There is an ambush!”
But at this moment, it is too late!
Qi Hu roared, “Master Fu, you fucking old fox!”
The street is not very wide. There are always small alleys on both sides. At this moment, a large number of people rushed out from that small alley, besieging Qihu and others!
The roar is loud!
The flames of anger swept across in an instant.
The death of Zhang Lin is counted on Qi Hu’s head, and the deaths of those brothers are also counted on his head.
The boiling murderous aura rose to the sky, the fuel bottle smashed over, and a sea of ​​flames instantly burned, directly isolating the people Qi Hu had brought into several pieces.
They panicked.
They are messed up.
But Can Jian did not panic, let alone chaos!
He ordered, still just a word.
Immediately, the people under his men gushed out like a tide…
Knife light sword shadow, fire is everywhere!
“call out–”
Qi Hu felt a chill in his back, and immediately turned around without hesitation. The knife in his hand slashed over.
The flames are everywhere!
The broken sword of the remnant sword slashed with the sword fiercely, Qi Hu immediately backed up a few steps and relieved his strength.
“You… are so cunning!”
Qi Hu gritted his teeth and said, “But today, I still have to die!”
The Remnant Sword is like a sword, calmly standing, standing straight, full of sword energy.
He held the broken sword, his wrist shook, and the broken sword suddenly shook loudly.
“call out!”
He didn’t even want to say a word of nonsense.
Kill it!
The broken sword trembled and trembled for a while, as if a powerful air current was poured into it instantly, making the blade hard.
Under the illumination of the light, it exudes a cold light.
Qi Hu roared, all the murderousness appeared!

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