Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 282

The underground circle of Tianhai Provincial City has been infiltrated recently.
Obviously most of them are from the north, but there are also other underground circles in the south, wanting to try their luck.
But as soon as they found traces of the north, they all retreated obediently.
Several contenders began to secretly fight for the control of the underground circle, and there were some violent conflicts.
This caused continuous turbulence in the underground circles of the provincial capital.
Donghai did not respond.
It was like a paradise, independent from the world.
The reputation of the Forbidden Land in the East China Sea has been spread. What’s more, how can the East China Sea be compared with such a big piece of cake as the provincial capital?
Jiang Ning’s thoughts are spent every day with Lin Yuzhen.
Occasionally, when I have free time, I go to the suburban training ground and instruct them to train.
The training ground of the second stage, roaring loudly!
Just looking at it is frightening!
This kind of training is deadly!
The danger is great. If you are not careful, injuries are inevitable, and bad luck may even confess your life directly.
But the figure on the training ground has never been reduced by one.
Everyone is desperate!
No one wants to fall behind, let alone be eliminated. You know, behind them, don’t know how many people want to fill in, and who dares to slack off?
“Want to know what it’s like to reach the top?”
“Want to follow Big Brother and stand on top of the world!”
“I want to know how strong I can be!”
“Practice for me! If you can’t practice it, just practice it!”
A group of people can be called lunatics, even the one-in-a-million fighters that Jiang Ning once trained, I am afraid that they will be in awe when seeing these people like Brother Gou.
It’s fucking bloody, man!
Lin Group.
Several projects in the provincial capital have already started operation, with good benefits, and are developing in a better direction.
It is foreseeable that it will not be long before the Lin Group can gain a firm foothold in the provincial capital.
Lin Yu is so happy.
Rubbing her neck gently, after finishing all the work, she now wants to take a bath with Meimei, then have a good meal, and go home to sleep.
“Go to the hot springs.”
She raised her head and glanced at Jiang Ning who was leaning on the sofa, “My shoulders are so sore.”
“Okay, let’s go.”
Jiang Ning smiled and nodded.
Two people walked out of the office, and several employees were also tidying the office, preparing to go home from get off work.
“Mr. Lin, Brother Ning!”
Several employees greeted.
“Everyone has worked hard, working overtime until so late, or go to the bubble hot spring together, do a SPA,”
Jiang Ning smiled and said, “I’ll treat you.”
He swept his eyes, and paused for two seconds on a new female employee: “Come on, too. This is not a benefit for old employees.”
The female employee was slightly surprised, and there was a touch of surprise in her eyes.
You still have yourself?
“Thank you Ning! Thank you Lin!”
“Sister Chen Yu, let’s go together, let me tell you, Brother Ning is good! I want to stay in Lin for the rest of my life, hehe!”
“Life is not enough. I have to let him work hard to join the Lin family after I have a child! Can I ask Ning to come?”
Several female staff members were chattering, and it was too busy.
In front of Jiangning, they are not too serious, because they all know that Jiangning people are nice and take care of them, working girls.
“You are too much, do you want to be deducted from your salary? I am the general manager!”
Lin Yuzhen deliberately kept his face straight, but everyone knew that Lin Yuzhen had a better temper in private, “Besides, our family, I have the final say!”

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