Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 296

For a time, the entire underground circle of the provincial capital all moved into action.
Lanterns and festoons were everywhere, as if it was New Year’s Eve. Several bigwigs had prepared everything early, and Jiang Ning would come anytime, and they would be able to entertain them with the highest specifications.
This kind of reaction caused many representatives of the big families who stayed in the provincial capital to be a little surprised, wondering what happened.
The underground circles of this provincial city were clearly fighting each other yesterday, even deadly enemies, but today they became friends, shook hands with each other amicably, said compliments to each other, and made money in harmony.
what is the problem?
Jiang Ning sent Lin Yuzhen and others to the provincial cooperative company, leaving eight people to protect her safety, so he took the dog brother and went directly to the Jin’s house.
Lin Yu really came to solve the problem, and Jiang Ning did the same.
But the difference is that Lin Yu’s real way is to solve the problem, while Jiang Ning is the one who wants to solve the problem.
Jin’s house.
Jin Yang is in a good mood now.
There are big trees behind, so it’s natural to enjoy the cool.
That’s the big family in the north, Qi family!
Even in the north, it is a big family that can name it. If you stand next to this big tree, the development of the Jin family can accelerate at least ten years.
“Is Jin Ran back?”
He was concerned about this now, Jin Ran took the Qi family’s order to the East China Sea, thinking about coming, then the Lin family should know how to advance and retreat.
When Jin Ran came back, he must be proud of his face, and he felt revenge. That must be cool!
“Patriarch, Master has not returned yet.”
Jin Yang nodded: “This kid, I’m afraid he is so happy, he has already gone out to celebrate.”
How will you celebrate?
May let Lin Yuzhen from the Lin Group bow his head obediently and kneel down for him and serve him.
If it wasn’t for that Lin Yuzhen, how could Jin Ran get his leg broken?
“Huh, what the Lin family, in front of the northern Qi family, they are just ants!”
Jin Yang snorted disdainfully, “Even if it was Lu Xun back then, what are they? They are just dogs raised by these people.”
When he thinks of the woman he loves the most, being given up by these dogs, his heart becomes angry.
“When the young master comes back, let him make arrangements. We must entertain Qi Shao well, understand!”
Jin Yang made arrangements.
The most important thing now is to have a good relationship with the Qi family.
“I’m afraid you are going to change a personal treat.”
Suddenly, a sound came from the door, and then there were two muffled noises.
Two figures flew in directly.
It was the bodyguard invited by Jin Yang, fifty thousand a month!
Just kicked into the air like this?
Jin Yang’s expression suddenly changed: “Who! Dare to come to my Jin’s house to be wild!”
“So, Patriarch Jin, so forgetful?”
Jiang Ning stepped in, looked at Jin Yang, and said lightly, “You just sent Master Ling to threaten me, and now you are asking who am I?”
Jin Yang thought of this name all at once.
He suddenly became nervous again, Jiang Ning came, what about Jin Ran?
“Where is my son!”
He said anxiously.
Jiang Ning beckoned, and Brother Dog immediately dragged Jin Ran out, just like dragging a dead dog and throwing it directly on the ground.
The severe pain caused Jin Ran, who was unconscious, to wake up all at once.
He wanted to stand up, but found that his hands and feet felt nothing except pain!
Seeing the familiar surroundings, Jin Ran knew that it was his home. When he looked up, Jin Yang was on the side and immediately shouted.
“Dad! Dad! They interrupted my hands and feet again! Kill them! Kill them!”
Jin Yang was trembling all over.
Jiang Ning is too arrogant!
He interrupted Jin Ran’s hands and feet again and sent him directly to his Jin’s house. This was a provocation!
This is a provocation!

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