Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 298

Qi Yun was trembling with anger, “Looking for death!”
“I think it’s you who will kill you!”
Jiang Ning didn’t have so much patience. When he moved his body, his whole body seemed to be a whirlwind, and he was in front of Qi Yun in an instant.
A heavy slap!
He drew him fiercely on Qi Yun’s face and flew him out directly.
Qi Yun screamed, fell to the ground, covering his face, how could he not believe that Jiang Ning even dared to hit him.
If it wasn’t for the hot feeling on his face, he wouldn’t believe it at all!
“What kind of cat or dog dare to speak in front of me?”
“Don’t say anything about the Qi family, even if it is the Zhang family, the Wang family, and the Li family, dare to be so long-winded, I slapped it!”
Jiang Ning glanced at Qi Yun and said lightly.
“you you!”
Qi Yun blushed, furious, “I am from the Northern Qi family! Northern…Ah!”
Before he finished speaking, Jiang Ning slapped again. This time, Qi Yun’s teeth flew out a few, and blood suddenly overflowed from the corner of his mouth.
Jiang Ning shouted.
“Let him shut up!”
Brother Gou stepped forward, grabbed Qi Yun’s collar, and then slapped him severely, making Qi Yun’s face covered with blood and screaming again and again.
Jin Yang and his son were shocked!
That is Qi Yun!
Qi Yun, the second young master of the Northern Qi family!
Does Jiang Ning dare to fight him?
Is he a lunatic?
He is definitely a lunatic!
After dozens of slaps, Qi Yun cried and called his mother, wherever he dared to say anything, fell to the ground, trembling all over.
He had never seen such a lunatic.
He has said that he is the Qi family in the north, so Jiang Ning dare to do it?
“Remember, you only have one day.”
Jiang Ning glanced at Jin Yang, not wanting to talk nonsense to them, turned around and left.
In the hall, Qi Yun was still lying on the ground, trembling all over, his entire face had been beaten up and swollen, like a pig’s head.
Jin Yang was so scared that his body became stiff and his throat was dry!
He thought that Qi Yun was here, Jiang Ning would definitely bow his head and kneel down to admit his mistake, but where did he think that Jiang Ning would even fight Qi Yun?
No mercy!
He hurriedly walked over and helped Qi Yun: “Qi Shao? Qi Shao?”
“Ah! Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me!”
Qi Yun convulsed, and his face turned pale. He was relieved when he saw that it was Jin Yang, but there was still fear in his eyes, for fear that Jiang Ning and the others would not leave.
“Sao Qi, are you okay?”
Jin Yang asked.
Qi Yun got up, her words were a little vague, tears and nose could not help: “I want to kill them! I want to kill them!”
“I will go home now, please come to master…kill them!”
Qi Yun shouted and ran out.
“Shao Qi! What about my Jin family? What about our Jin family?”
Jin Yang chased to ask, but Qi Yun had disappeared.
Jiang Ning let him get out of Tianhai Provincial City in one day, if he doesn’t leave…
He didn’t even dare to think about the consequences!
Jiang Ning even dared to fight Qi Yun, he didn’t take this Qi family seriously.
Their backing is simply unreliable.
“Dad, what should we do?”
Jin Ran was also shivering, and it was even more painful.
He saw that Jiang Ning was not afraid of the Qi family. Now the Jin family had offended Jiang Ning to death. If they didn’t leave, they would really die here.
Jin Yang gritted his teeth, clenched his fists, glanced at the bodyguard who was still lying on the ground, then glanced at Jin Ran, suddenly seemed to be crazy, and rushed in front of Jin Ran, raising his hand to open the bow from left to right!
“It’s all you prodigal stuff! Why are you going to provoke this demon! Why are you going to provoke him!”

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