Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 299

Jin Yang seemed to be mad, grabbed Jin Ran, and slammed his face.
“My Jin family is destroyed in your hands!”
“Nizi! Beast!”
Jin Yang yelled at him, beating while cursing.
If it wasn’t for Jin Ran, who wanted to bully Lin Yuzhen, would he provoke Jiang Ning?
His Jin family, how could he fall into this field, and let his most beloved woman be given to the sun by the dog!
All these angers broke out at this moment, Jin Yang couldn’t control himself, and Jin Ran screamed again and again.
“Dad! Forgiveness! Forgiveness!”
Jin Ran’s hands and feet were interrupted, and there was no way to resist, he could only cry for mercy.
He knew that the Jin family was over, completely over.
If they don’t get out of the provincial capital within a day, Jiang Ning will never give them a chance to survive!
For ants like them, there is no need for Jiangning to take action. As long as he says a word, there are thousands of people in this provincial city who are willing to help Jiangning and clean up their Jin family.
After leaving Jin’s house, Jiang Ning went directly to the Mask Club.
The masked clubhouse has a locked door, and there is a seal on the door.
He tore it off and walked in, while Brother Gou stood guard at the door.
In just a short period of time, things are different, and the clubhouse seems a bit desolate, and many potted plants are not taken care of, and they have withered a lot.
When Jiang Ning walked to the backyard, the water in the lotus pond became muddy, and a figure was standing in the pond cautiously, lifting up the overturned lotus leaf.
“Mr. Jiang?”
Hearing the sound, Steward Zhao turned his head, with a touch of surprise on his face.
His hair is a bit messy, it doesn’t seem to be taken care of, it still looks meticulous before.
Housekeeper Zhao walked out of the pool hurriedly, wiped his hands, did not dare to step forward to shake hands with Jiang Ning.
“Master Fu is gone, I found a secret place and buried him.”
Manager Zhao said, “Someone from the north came to look for him, but he left without finding his body.”
Jiang Ning nodded.
He knew that Steward Zhao followed Master Fu when he was young, and he was considered one of the people he trusted most.
“It’s a pity, the corpse of the broken sword…”
Manager Zhao’s face was full of regret and sadness.
“rest assured.”
Jiang Ning said two words.
Housekeeper Zhao suddenly raised his head, his eyes flickering, and there was a faint mist of tears rolling inadvertently.
“Thank you! Thank you!”
He choked up again and again.
Jiang Ning took the shot. He didn’t let Can Jian’s body be humiliated. This was a great kindness.
“Fu Ye told me before that this mask club is actually an information center, can it still operate now?”
Jiang Ning was straightforward and asked directly.
Steward Zhao has always been in charge of this, and naturally is the clearest.
“Mr. Jiang in need?”
Steward Zhao has already planned to disband.
This is an independent place founded by Master Fu and has nothing to do with the Luo family in the north.
But Lord Fu and Can Jian are both dead, and Steward Zhao has no thoughts of managing anymore. He is ready to find a place to spend the rest of his life.
But he is still a little reluctant to be here, after all, he has lived here for twenty years, and he is too familiar with all the plants and trees here.
“there is a need.”
Jiang Ning didn’t have any euphemisms, “And for me, having an intelligence gathering organization is very important.”
He stepped forward and looked at Steward Zhao and said, “These are all familiar to Steward Zhao. If Steward Zhao has a little nostalgia for this place, I wonder if he can stay and continue to run this club?”
Butler Zhao’s body trembled.
“Don’t worry, I will not interfere. You are in control. I only hope that the club will always exist. When I need it, I can get some useful information from you.”
Steward Zhao moved his lips. He knew the value of such an intelligence network. He secretly didn’t know how many great northern forces found him and asked him to do things for them.
He knew better that he rejected them and wanted to spend the rest of his life in peace, it was not so easy.
Perhaps, one day, he will suddenly die suddenly, violently!
Now, Jiang Ning said he needs himself?

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