Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 30

All of a sudden, a group of people were silent.
Heihu keeps saying that they are his brothers, but these people know that Heihu is greedy for money!
Extremely greedy for money!
Between money and them, the black tiger must choose money!
One hundred thousand yuan, their life is not worth one hundred thousand yuan?
Over the years, how many things they have done to help the black tiger, they have been working hard. As a result, the black tiger is not willing to even give up 100,000 yuan.
“No… Brother Tiger wouldn’t be like this!”
“It must be your conspiracy! Brother Tiger will not give up on us!”
“Brother Tiger… Brother Tiger, he… won’t…”
The voice is getting smaller and smaller, even they don’t believe it.
Before this time, no one will know how much weight he has in Black Tiger’s heart.
Obviously, they have no weight.
The faces of a group of people were full of disappointment, and soon became despair and anger!
“Then what do you want to do?”
The leading bastard, with red eyes, stared at Jiangning Dao.
Jiangning is very powerful!
Terribly powerful!
Even if they were killed by Jiang Ning, they could only blame themselves for their inferior skills, but they knew that Jiang Ning did not bother to kill them.
“Don’t do anything to make you recognize the reality.”
Jiang Ning said indifferently, “Now you know what the hell is wrong with you? Do you think that if you sell your life to the black tiger, he will cherish you?”
“Wrong! He will look down on you even more! Treat you as tools and throw them away when you use them up!”
“Because you have no other way to go, you can only give him his life, why should he take you seriously?”
Jiang Ning’s words hurt everyone’s heart.
It’s hard to hear, but it’s very real.
A group of people, their faces were blue and white, following the black tiger, they didn’t get anything, besides paying, they just ate their food.
No matter how much Black Tiger earns, it has nothing to do with them.
“I can give you a way out.”
Everyone suddenly looked up.
“Don’t look at me like this, you are too useless, I don’t look at it at all, but you have the strength to work on this construction site, it’s not bad.”
“You…you insult us?”
A bastard couldn’t help but anger.
“Insult you?”
Jiang Ning sneered, “Then I want to ask, what will you do?”
The man stopped talking immediately, he could do nothing but fight.
“Don’t forget, your life and death are in my hands, and one person is worth 100,000. If you work on this construction site, you can leave if you have enough for 100,000.”
“You let us go?”
The bastard who took the lead was startled, he had experienced a lot of fights in the circle.
If you fall into the hands of the enemy, you will have to be disabled if you don’t die!
Jiang Ning was actually willing to let them go, one hundred thousand per person, but 6.8 million of them!
“After finishing the work of 100,000 yuan, you can leave. I don’t want it if I want to stay.”
Jiang Ning said directly, “To make it clear, just two months after the factory building is completed, you can leave.”
A group of people looked at each other, Jiang Ning meant, they are worth 50,000 yuan a month?
“Do you believe us? Don’t be afraid that we will run away, or we may cause damage and completely destroy your plant.”
Hunzi Road to take the lead.
“you dare?”
Jiang Ning just said a word.
The bastard stopped talking.
They used to help the black tiger to do things, and the black tiger made money, but they worked hard.
Now that the Black Tiger gave up on them, they naturally didn’t have to do anything for the Black Tiger, especially if they offended Jiang Ning, they would definitely end badly!
They clearly remembered that when Huang Yuming came just now, he respectfully called to Brother Jiangning!
How terrible would it be for a Huang Yuming who was on an equal footing with the black tiger who would call his eldest brother?
The most important thing is that they were beaten!
“I do it!”
The lead bunker said loudly, “I hope you believe it!”
“And me! Damn, Lao Tzu’s freedom, earn it yourself!”
“Make one hundred thousand in two months, redeem free body, I will do it!”
They shouted one by one.
In any case, 50,000 yuan a month, at least here, their value has really risen too much.
At this moment, Lin Yu really had a headache, and the construction period was too late.
“Can’t we hire more workers? If it can’t be completed within two months, the production line will not be equipped on time.”

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