Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 301

Who is Ye Kuang?
That is from the Luo family!
The people from the Luo family in the north are even the master of martial arts, Ye Xinhuo’s proud disciple!
Who didn’t know, not long ago, Ye Xinhuo killed the Remnant Sword, causing shocks throughout the north.
But now, his disciple was interrupted, stripped naked, and hung on the lighthouse.
What a humiliation this is!
No one dared to speak, some people were frightened, some people didn’t expect it at all, and some people were stunned and hadn’t reacted eagerly yet.
Who could have imagined that such a person as Ye Kuang would have such a day.
Not to mention them, even Jiang Ning didn’t expect it.
He asked Brother Gou to deal with the matter, and only explained that he would kill the chickens and the monkeys, and Brother Gou said he knew what to do.
But this guy turned out to use this method.
Jiang Ning had already made a decision in his heart. From now on, let Huang Yuming do this kind of brainstorming thing, and it would be better if Brother Gou was only responsible for it.
The provincial capital shook.
Those people who hadn’t put Jiang Ning in their eyes before, were all anxious at this moment, afraid to stay in the provincial capital for a long time, and left in despair.
They don’t think that their position is better than Ye Kuang’s.
Even Ye Kuang would suffer such humiliation. If they don’t go, they will probably only die!
This Jiangning is too domineering.
It’s totally fearless at all.
In just one day, the representatives of the northern forces who infiltrated the Tianhai provincial city quietly left one by one, not daring to leave a trace of their presence.
The provincial capital returned to calm once again.
It was so simple, no hands, no blood, no dead people, Jiang Ning only said a word.
Now, who is the king of the provincial capital is clear at a glance!
The order of the provincial capital was quickly restored. The big brothers in the underground circle were like Mingjing in their hearts. They all knew that as long as Jiang Ning was there, the underground circle of the provincial capital would not be the turn of outsiders to decide.
They also understand what they should do and what choices they should make.
None of these needs Jiang Ning to say any more.
All the bigwigs, referring to the East China Sea model, took the initiative to cut off their gray industries and actively devoted themselves to the construction of the provincial capital.
Even if you make a small profit like this, at least, live a long time.
Hearing these news, Yuan Yuan’s regulations in the East China Sea were a little excited.
He was even more shocked by Jiang Ning’s powerful strength.
Even the original Master Fu didn’t have this kind of courage, right?
“Brother, shall we go back? The current provincial capital will only get better and better.”
Goofy asked.
“No matter how good it is, can it be better than Donghai?”
The charter shook his head, “Remember, this is a great opportunity to stay in the East China Sea. We are very lucky. Others won’t have this kind of opportunity again. Understand.”
In his mind, there is always a figure, high above!
As long as there is his place, it is absolutely different.
He didn’t know, Jiang Ning at the moment, with a black line on his face, looked at Brother Dog.
“Leave a little pants,”
Brother Gou lowered his head in a low voice, “I’m afraid that it will become demeanor, otherwise it will be stripped completely. That little earthworm is too small to be embarrassing.”
Jiang Ning was really dumbfounded.
“You did a good job.”
When Brother Gou heard this, he raised his head and became proud, “I’m the best at this kind of thing! Don’t warn those bitch bastards, they really think we are bullied!”
Jiang Ning twitched the corners of his mouth, which made Brother Dog’s voice become quieter again.
“Brother, should I take off his pants as well?”
Jiang Ning waved his hand and told Brother Gou to go out first. He didn’t want to see Brother Gou’s face anymore, otherwise he was really afraid that he could not help kicking him.
Brother Gou walked out, Jiang Ning looked helpless: “Old Huang, you can quickly come back to me.”

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